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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The New Paper : Sandy find peace after storm

SANDY Lam is glowing.Not just because she's the new spokesman for skin care brand SK-II, but also because she seems truly at peace with herself. Even though her life has seen quite an upheaval in the last six months.

Not long after the launch of her cookbook, My Shanghai, in May, news of Sandy's split from songwriter and music producer Jonathan Li surfaced.Sandy and her daughter have since moved out of Beijing where Jonathan is based and gone back to Hong Kong.

The 38-year-old Hong Kong singer was in town on Tuesday for the SK-II press conference.And while she was happy to talk about her beauty regime and her music career, Sandy was tight-lipped about her divorce.'You have to keep an open mind when it comes to life. Everything that happens is an experience,' was all that she would divulge.

When asked if her 6-year-old daughter with Jonathan, Xi'er, is taking well to the divorce, both Sandy and her assistant responded at the same time.Leaning forward to stress the point, Sandy was polite but firm: 'Sorry, we are not talking about my daughter today.'

Earlier, Sandy had also dismissed rumours about plans to move to Singapore with her daughter because she wants to educate her here.On sending her daughter to Singapore to study, Sandy said: 'It's not without possibility. I've always been impressed with Singapore's education system, I think that the standard is very high. But because of my work, I think we will be based in Hong Kong for the time being.'

Next year will be Sandy's 20th year in showbiz, and she is planning to release a Mandarin album as well as launch a concert tour.

With a wistful smile, Sandy said: 'In a blink of an eye, it's 20 years already. I started out singing when I was just 19! I must say that I have had a very rich experience.'And though Sandy looks half her age with her porcelain smooth skin, she pointed out her flaws.'We all have our own problem areas, I won't say that I have a very good figure. There are certain cuts that I won't wear, and I definitely don't wear miniskirts because my legs are not nice!'

While most women are apprehensive about growing old, Sandy treats it as unavoidable.'I don't fear growing old. It's not as if fearing will make it go away. I think it's more important to treasure every day, and make sure you spend it well. Age is not something you can change you know,' she said.

Her secret to looking young is drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep.'It's only when you get enough sleep, that you can find your balance in life.'

No wonder she's looking good.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

GLAMOUROUS, Denise Ho, Cantonese, CD+VCD. Release on 05/01/2005.

Music Review
Working around the concept of producing an album to pay tribute to stars that have touched HOCC during her growing up years, gave rise to the release of GLAMOUROUS.

It has been a long wait.

I found this latest album to be more radio-friendly than her previous albums. And one that saw HOCC departing from her signature soft band rock tunes. One distinct feature was the heavy use of symphonic music in this album that gave a polished feel to the mood of the album. There is little to complain about HOCC’s delivery and rendition but the heavy breathing that was vivid when listening to the slow numbers bothered me. At some point, HOCC also sounded a bit pitchy. I guess she needs to work on her technique.

Didn’t like Track 08, Sud Luen Yat Gei. Found it bland and obtrusive. Featuring Chet Lam, getting AT17 and many others to lend their voices as chorus and backup vocals didn’t help save the tune. It just didn’t fit into the flow of the album. Perhaps it would have been better if it were slotted after Track 04, Ming Sing Mong.

Track02, Yim Kong Sei Sair, is a very lively and fast tune. Coupled with a strong chorus, it gives you a concert-feel. Be dazzled and revel in the glamour. The musical arrangement did made me think of ONJ’s Xanadu and especially so during the ending.

Track03, Yu Mo Yi Ngoi, is a song written by HOCC. I think it has the potential to be a karaoke hit. Good melody and the musical arrangement is simple yet it successfully creates the right mood for the tune.

Track04, Ming Sing Mong, features the accordion as the main instrument. This gives it a French flavour with a tinge of Spanish spice and some swing. Together with the clarinet, this fusion created a fairytale world for us listeners.

Track05, Nei Si Baat Sap Nin Doi, is another fast track. The musical arrangement is very 80s. I can feel the loud and flamboyant mood of the song. That’s all thanks to the wonderful use of the trumpet. This track would not have turned heads without it.

Track06, Mai Luen Fa, is a slow but alluring track. The melody itself was average though. So I thought the musical arrangement and mixing deserves applause. The use of trombone brought forth the sensibilities of the lyrics, dressing up the bland tune, making it more captivating to listeners.

Track07, Ming Muk Cheung Dan, is my favourite track in this album. It’s a bias choice since I love Danny Chan’s Wait. The melody is simply beautiful. Glad that it was a piano piece without much fanfare. It struck a chord with me.

There are 2 mandarin tracks on this album; both are cover versions of Track03 and 06. HOCC needs to work harder at her mandarin pronounciation. However, she’s not alone. Lots of HK singers grapple with Mandarin too.

As a fan, I would say this album isn’t as experimental as her previous ones but no doubt; the masses will be more receptive of GLAM. Like Candy Lo, HOCC is in a difficult stage of her career, balancing the expectations of her fans and trying to keep afloat in the unforgiving HK music industry. Best Wishes. The best is yet to come.
Thursday, January 13, 2005

OrientalDaily news- Jaycee Chan once told the press that he was forced by his dad (Jackie Chan) to keep his hair long had his mane snipped. Jaycee's mum was there to make the symbolic cut by snipping of his ponytail. Thereafter, the ponytail will be given to Jackie Chan as a memento. When Jaycee showed his new look to Derek Yee, he was all praise for Jaycee. Derek Yee quipped," I was told by Jaycee's mum, Lum Fung Kiu that he has higher IQ then his dad!"

It was understood that he cut his hair for his new movie project, Precocious (Jo Suk). Jaycee will be playing a guy who doesn’t like to study. His co-stars would be Eric Tsang, Shu Qi, Fiona Sit, Teresa Mo and Candice Yu.

Director Derek Yee is also digging into his own pockets to finance this project. He hopes to chip in to save the ailing HongKong movie industry.

The Sun news- The long drawn out legal dispute between Andy Lau and his ex company was resolved amiably when the company decided to drop her charges and settled the differences behind closed doors. Hence, Andy Lau is free to sign onto another artiste management company of his choice. According to the rumour mill, Andy Lau was already approached by EastAsia to join its fold.
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OrientalDaily news- Karen Mok became the first HongKong artiste to be invited by Louis Vutton (LV) as a guest model for the 05 Spring-Summer collection fashion show.

Karen wore LV's new designs and catwalked during the opening and then ending of the show. She revealed that a new album is in the pipeline and she's currently in talks with LV to wear their show-pieces of her upcoming concerts this year. Karen felt very honoured to be invited. She thought her ardour for the label and that LV think she looks stunning in their clothes helped her pipped the other artistes for the opportunity.

In order not to be overshadowed by the supermodels' height, Karen wore 4 inches heels by LV. Karen said she went "insane" when she saw those fabulous heels. She felt elevated, cutting a better figure and womanly after putting on those heels.

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