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Thursday, April 22, 2004

A three-part interview with Jacky Cheung, the God of Songs.

Part I

Jacky Cheung fell in love with Maggie Cheung in a spur of the moment.

Temptations were abound even after his marriage, he had experiences of women knocking at his door at wee hours wanting to have a drink with him, in his room. He rejected all their advances because he knew he might not be able to bear the consequences resulted from these flings and he will be distracted at work.

“I have always been able to withraw from my roles and never in any instances, did I fell for my leading ladies. When the cameras rolled, I would be very much in love with my co-star but when the director yelled cut, the spell is lifted. A reel life bed scene is not real!”

Worried about being labeled as hum chu sau(molester)

“I don’t have much alleged affairs in my years of showbiz, though I have kissed a lot of women in my life. All of them did make my heart fluttered. However, that’s in a spur of the moment and never transpired. Don’t be silly, young man. (Referring to him). Who has left the deepest impression? I can’t tell you, it will create a lot of trouble. Maggie Cheung? Yes. I like. We have known each other for a long time. We have made a few movies together and during filming I treated her as my girlfriend. Though we knew each other well, we were never awkward with each other when filming kissing scenes.”

“I have acted in more than 60 films and I do not resent bed scenes but I am scared. I have never asked anyone about how to go about filming/acting in these scenes. Watched a movie called Love Actually. The porn stars in the movie would ask each other questions before they start filming. Questions like; can I touch your chest? After the filming has ended, all you had to do is apologize for any miss cues. There was a period of time when fellow actors were labeled hum chu sau and hum chu jui. Did it have to do with the lack of communication between the involved parties? If isn’t a panned shot, it’s all right to just mimic a kiss. Otherwise, it would be so spastic and you can’t get the audience to feel for your character. It is different for a comedy though, perfectly all right to just touch your partner without any kissing when doing a bed scene. At the end of the day, you have to convinced the audience and get them into the reel world. I have never tried and ask my co-stars whether I can kiss them. I should do so next time.

Speaking of Edison Chan in the Kong Woo, the scene where he had sex with an animal, I won’t be able to do it. I can’t even bare my bottoms for a role. There are many genres of actors, being able to do anything is good. I am not just an actor, acting is only a hobby to me, and there isn’t a need to make too many sacrifices. All I wanted is to satisfy my cravings, there will be a limit to what I would do.”

Part II

Being passive, lack of confidants. Jacky bottled up all his troubles and doesn’t ask for help.

A self-confessed withdrawn person, Jacky Cheung never dares asked for help from anybody. His mother had told him to be self- reliant. Jacky has a passive personality, he seldom confide in people and thus loss some of his friends in showbiz.

“I am a withdrawn person. I don’t take the initiative to ask people out. I seldom ask for help, I am afraid. I have tried to ask for help but that was not without an internal struggle. This applies to inviting guest artistes for my concerts, which was actually an easy feat. I have been this way since I was a kid. It might be because I didn’t want to feel indebted. In fact, all I have to do is ask and everything would be sorted but I just don’t want to.”

“I am a very passive person. For instance, when filming a movie, there will be a few co-stars whom I knew well and are good friends. However, when the filming wraps up, I seem to lost contact with all of them, like Maggie. I do keep in touch with Wai Jai (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) with occasional phone calls. Don’t really keep in touch with Kar Fai (Tony Leung Kar Fai). There was once when I went to his home with two plastic bags of oranges and said we haven’t seen each other for a long while. That’s so antiquated! That’s how I am. When friends ask you out and you don’t go once or twice, they would think that you do not enjoy their company and they will leave you alone in time. It’s not their fault; I am to blame!

Finding a way out

“I seldom confide in people. In the past, I turned to alcohol. Got myself drunk and blurt everything out but once I sobered, I kept to myself again. I believe that it has to with my mother’s influence. She instilled in me that I should not ask people for help, do not borrow from others and I should be self-reliant. Thus, I am used to solving my own problems. If there were problems that I cannot solve, I would sweep it under the carpet. If it were possible, I would solve the problem without telling my mother and wife. I do not want to throw the burden to anyone. I seldom tell my friends about my problems and they thought that all there is for me to worry about is my family, which isn’t true. I got loads of problems, where would there be anyone who doesn’t have a problem in life? Would I wallow? No, I don’t. I just learn to take it in my stride. Hence, I will not be drawn into depression; my will to live is strong. I will find my way out eventually.

Did my social circle shrunk since marriage? The fact is it has brought about changes; there are now lots of new faces in the industry, newbies and new directors that I am not acquainted with. My friends in the industry have shrunk but my social circle has widened. For example, know more parents, principals, folks from the west and east. You gain some and you lose some!

Part III

Saddened by the lackluster albums sales. Jacky’s resolved to strive in these trying times.

Jacky Cheung used to enjoy brisk sales of his albums, totaling up to hundreds of thousands. With regards to today’s lackluster showing of album sales, Jacky was not disheartened by it. He has been actively involved in composing to do his part to stop the decline of the music industry.

“Though the album sales is in doldrums, I do not have any pressure when I release my new album because I knew that I can no longer yield the same volume of sales. The only pressure I have is whether people will like my new effort. This is the first time I did all the compositions for my album. I am elated and gratified when I get positive feedback about it. In the past, I am only responsible for the singing part so there wasn’t any immediate gratification. This time, it is different. If the sale figure of this album is good, it will prove that I am up to it! However, in today’s terms, it is already very good if I can sell about 40 000 copies!

I think Priscilla shouldn’t feel disheartened about the current trend. I can empathize her disgruntled feelings. No one artiste can enjoy brisk album sales for every release, should not use sale figures as a benchmark to determine the effort’s worth. I can’t be expected to break records every time I release a new album. This is exasperating! Nowadays, the economy and the ways that people consume entertainment are different; less is being sold because of piracy and downloads. I can adjust my mental state on the issue. I will persuade Priscilla.”

Never felt disheartened

“As of now, I do not have any expectations but it will be a lie if I am completely aloof of my album sales! However, the utmost priority is to produce a good album and setting challenges for myself. If you ask my whether I would want to break my own sales record. The answer is YES! But in the current circumstances, it is very unlikely so I have to settle for the other challenges. Therefore, this time I am responsible for all the compositions. On hindsight, if it weren’t a fact the current market is in doldrums, I wouldn’t have the courage to take charge and produce this album. It is hard to measure the pros and cons. I have never felt disheartened about the music industry. I only felt unhappy. I have my roots here and I don’t want to see this trade die. If she is in good shape, I will be happy.

Recently, a lot of old- timers have rejoined the industry, like Sam Hui, Willy and Cheung Wai Man. I don’t think it is because the new crop of singers is no good. For instance, the Twins, they have their own region of fans. Folks in their 30s and 40s will listen to my songs! It’s a question of different market demands, this has always existed but it is not evident. In the heyday, singers like ah mui, gorgor and I were holding series of concerts lasting for weeks. Nowadays, most of the singers only held one or two concerts and the mushrooming of events companies. They are very willing to try! Actually, there will be audiences if there are shows.”

Jacky also attended an interview with a radio station. When asked about Sam Hui’s impending return to the foray, Jacky who is also known as God of Songs said; “That’s is terrific! Then all of you can revert to calling me Jacky Cheung! I don’t mind. It is just a form of accolade!” Jacky will be most glad if he is invited to sing at Sam Hui’s concerts in June.

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