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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
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After resting for more than half a year, Gordon Lam is rearing to make a pile in the Golden Monkey Year. He just came back from a gig in Canada. In the months to come, he will be busy acting in movies and shooting commercials etc. Gordon sees himself as the best tool for making money.

Sun news- Andy Lau together with his employees, went to Lien Fah Gong to pray for the Hong Kong people. They got a good lot from the Goddess of Mercy. Andy revealed that every year he would welcome the God of Wealth to his home with his mother.

In separate news, Andy Lau got embroiled in a lawsuit involving Ka Chai Entertainment Pte Ltd and several other companies which Andy has a stake. The case file is HCA135/2004.
Monday, January 26, 2004
Latest Releases

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1. Left Alan Right Lee 2004 - Alan Tam n Hacken Lee, CD+Cantonese.
Pot shot:
Nothing special about this album. Rendition was half-hearted by the 2 veterans. The choice of songs also didnt lift the album. For this mediocre effort, I give a C-.

2. Natural Shine - Shine, CD+ Cantonese
Pot shot:
Easy-listening. These guys seem to lost their direction. Somewhat lacklustre. Still need to work on their vocals. I give this album a C.

3. Inside Out - Sally Yeh, CD+Mandarin.
Pot shot:
No complains about Sally's vocals and delivery. The new songs didnt really stand out and frankly, the over usage of synthesized music arrangement made the covers sound all the same. Nevertheless, it is a listenable album. Give it a C.

4. 04 Four Seasons - Edmond Leung, EP+ Cantonese
Pot shot:
A good follow-up to Number 10. If you like piano music, this might be very appealing. Like the conceptual theme of summarising HK major events in 2003. The guy can sing but he still doesnt stand out and sound a bit like Andy Hui at times. I give it a B.

5. Love n Dreams - Chilam, CD[Cantonese, Compilation + New Tracks]
Pot shot:
Nothing much to say about this. No surprises and easy-listening. For fans. I give it a C.

6. Remember, I love U - Vic Zhou, CD+ Mandarin
Pot shot:
This guy cant sing. His vocals are so weak and almost borders on sounding montonous. The choice of music is also a bore. For DIE-HARD fans.

7. Anita Classic Moment Live - Anita Mui, 2CDs [Mandarin, Compilation + New Tracks]

8. Magic - Twins, CD+ Cantonese
Pot shot:
Hoping for a good follow-up to Evolution then you are in for a disappointment. Music-wise, it is still exciting but it will take some time for the album to grow on you. Easy-listening tracks. They really need to work on their vocals. I give it a C+.

9. Cookies 4 Play - Theresa, Miki, Kary n Stephy, AVCD+ Cantonese
Pot shot:
Buy if you are a fan of them. I give it a D.

10. 2004 Grand Opening - Miriam Yeung, AVCD + Canto/Mando
Pot shot:
Easy-listening. It is because this album is using folks who helped to churn out the Twins' albums, Miriam's album is starting to sound a bit predictable. Didnt offer much musically but at least she can sing. Wished that she injects more emotion into her singing. She gets a C.

11. EO2004 - EO2, CD+ Canto/Mando

12. Eason n Sally Live Concert 903id Club - Eason n Sally, 2CDs + Canto/Mando, VCD/DVD
Pot shot:
Two competent singers. Power- packed and great rapport from Eason and Sally. A worthy buy. I give it a B.

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