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Friday, August 29, 2003
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1:99 Film Movement

Directors and actors have offered their services for free for the 13 one- to three-minute films that are being produced with a HK$5 million sponsorship from the Hong Kong government to cover production costs.

The List of short films are:---

Rhapsody 狂想曲 Johnnie To Kei-Fung

The Pig is Sick 小豬不舒服 Fruit Chan Gor

Look On the Bright Side 向好看 Teddy Chan Tak-Sum

Believe It or Not 信不信由你 Tsui Hark

Hong Kong Must Win 香港必勝 Stephen Chiau Sing-Chi

Who is Miss Hong Kong 誰是香港小姐 Ma Wai Ho

My Airline Family 我的飛行家族 Mabel Cheung Yuen-Ting,
Alex Law Kai-Yu

Waiting for Luck 等運到 Dante Lam Chiu-Yin,
Gordon Chan Ka-Seung

McDull 1:99 麥兜1:99 Brian Tse Lap-Man

The Memories of Spring 2003 2003春天...的回憶 Dante Lam Chiu-Yin,
Gordon Chan Ka-Seung

Bright Future 前程錦繡 Brian Tse Lap-Man

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Homegrown Hong Kong animated feature My Life As McDull was awarded The Cristal For Best Feature (Grand Prix Annecy 2003) at the annual animation Oscars in Cannes on June 7.

The full-length animated feature produced in 2001 has been a favourite with critics and audiences and had previously won the Fipresci award at the 2002 Hong Kong International Film festival as well as the best animated feature at the 39th Golden Horse Film Festival.

"We had previously submitted the film for a lot of film festivals including Berlin and Udine where it was very well-received. But we didn't make the deadline for Annecy last year. This year, it was our French distributors [Pretty Pictures] who had helped us submit it for the festival. The award was very unexpected," said Samuel Choy, head of Bliss Concepts which produced the animation.

The animation is the creation of local artist Alice Mak and her partner Brian Tse, who also directed the animation, and tells the story of a slow but lovable piglet named McDull who dreams of going on a trip to the Maldives.

The character was created as part of a cartoon strip in the early 90s but was later developed into a television series. It only made it to the big screen in 2001.

The film, which will be dubbed in French, is scheduled to go on a nationwide theatrical release of between 50 to 70 screens in France on July 2.

"We've seen the French version and the translations have been done really well," said Mr. Choy.

Bliss Concepts is also in negotiations with a Taiwanese distributor for a Taiwanese release in late July.

[Zaobao news]

Cherie Chung has promised to star in a new production by Jackie Chan and former artiste manager,Chan Chi Keung. She was slated for the role as Jackie's ex-wife in the new movie. Rumour has it that the role was actually offered to Maggie Cheung and Faye Wong too. However, they were held up by [2046] which was going to be released in 2004 Feb. Sammi Cheng was not in contention as her fees was almost $4 hk million.
The other stars include Nicholas Tse and Charlene Choi.
Tuesday, August 26, 2003
[the-sun news]

Charlie Yeung has come out of retirement. She was seen at one of UNICEF's function. She clammed up when reporters queried about allegations that she had broke up with her boyfriend.

She will start filming with Tsui Hark at a later date. She did not divulge anything as the details were not finalised.
We all love Chet Lam Yat Fong

Chet Lam Yat Fong, both a HK singer/ songwriter is a favourite among all the ‘tissuemakers’. It is evident in our radio program, ‘Pupuflying’.

XiaoZhong and I (Huixian) were in Hong Kong to interview Chet Lam on 7th August 2003. At that time we had brought along the MD (MiniDisc) recorder to record the interview and sent it back to Singapore for Wanyi to air during ‘Pupuflying’.

It was unfortunate that on the fateful day, we realized that Chet Lam was so ill that his voice became raspy. (To be honest, we were worried that we might not be able to get a good recording because throughout the interview, Chet Lam interjected it with coughs and sneezes. We got embarrassed when we start to empathize his predicament.)
He had just wrapped up for the musical, Fun Qing Gei that was on for 10 days at the day of the interview. Apart from acting (those weepy scenes), he had to sing live. Perhaps the hectic schedule and the unbearable summer heat has taken a toll on his health. He fell ill at the last night of the musical.

Chet has been doing so much during this past year. He had released two albums within the space of months. Apart from the musical, he was also seen at lots of live shows or mini-concerts. His exposure was more than any other singer’s ‘window’ for promotion. He writes everyday and exchanges his journal with Master Jim (Cash radio station’s disc jockey). He also has his own column in 《EastTouch》. The rest of his time would be used to compose lyrics and pen songs.

Last but not least, every Saturday afternoon from 2 pm to 3 pm, in his program called ‘Yat Fong Yat Yan Yat Jit Ta’on Cash radio station’s airwaves. In this program, Chet Lam will teach listeners how to play the guitar, interview guitarists and introduce different types of guitar music. Do give it a try, the website is :

With his constant exposure to the Hong Kong media, music lovers start to feel that he has changed, to them, he is more a ‘star’ than a music man. Recently, Chet left a long post on his own website to give his views to this ‘accusation’. He said, “ in the beginning, he had every intention to make himself heard by all since he has put in a lot of effort in his music. When his albums were released, he needed more people to listen to his music and it is inevitable to have to compromise with all the promotional blizz. Despite all the hype, he is selective on accepting interviews and doing live gigs. Still, he was disappointed; there has been more and more people taking their cameras to see me instead of their ears to hear me. I am sad about this. One simple sentence, but it showed that he is a music maker with a heart. Have you ever heard another idol or music maker lament about this? All he wants is fans to pay attention to his music.

Being high profile or low profile actually has no direct impact to the quality of one’s music. I too believe that Chet will not become a star just because he has a high profile. At least, he did not come with an assistant or promo staff for the interview.

Let’s back-track to the recording of the interview. When I handed the MD to Wanyi, I told her that Chet sounded horrible (it was in Chet’s own words) and had reservations about putting on air (worried that it will be a torture for the listeners’ ears and that it might spoilt the listeners’ opinion of Chet Lam.)

In the end, Wanyi told me that she is going to air the recording, as it was priceless. Chet was professional to turn up for the interview when he was obviously grappling with his own discomfort(this episode prove that the same subject matter can yield a different perceptive from a optimistic person or a pessimistic person).

Chet Lam’s latest album, 《travelogue 1 游乐》. It is a concept album, everything in this album revolves around travel. If you want to sample his songs, you can go to this website,

Courtesy of, and music chet

Monday, August 25, 2003
[Minpao News]

The gale and thunderstorm, forced the organisers to postpone the closing gig of the Solar Project. Stars like Stephanie Sun, Gigi Leung and Vaness Wu all made a wasted trip.

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Infernal Affairs II will hit the screens on October 2003. Cast include Eric Tsang, Francis Ng, Edison Chan, Shawn Yu, Carina Lau and Anthony Wong Chau Sang.


Karen Mok's latest release will be launch on 29/08/2003. It is called [X]. Jay Chou and David Tao will have a hand in Karen's latest album.

Fong Hoa Mun's Mandarin album, already out on the shelves.

Priscilla Chan's new offering garner some mixed reviews but in my opinion it was a good effort..and a great way to get acquainted with her music if u are not a fan of hers or has never heard any of her songs. :P

Joey Yung's second edition, [Ngoh Dik Giu Ngo] is out for grabs.

Aaron Kwok Latest album will be release on 28/08/2003. There are 12 tracks in it.
The album title is In The Still of the Night.

all info correct at post time. Courtesy of and
Sunday, August 24, 2003
[the-sun news]

Juno Mak, Edwin Siu, Chris Wong, Nicholas Tse, Jordan Chan and Gigi Leung were at a press conference at RTHK. Jordan Chan and Nicholas Tse were obviously not in amiable terms as they ignored each other. Jordan Chan was seen chatting with Gigi and Chris, giving Nicholas Tse a cold shoulder. The awkward situation was resolved when Nicholas chipped in.
Likewise, Juno and Edwin were not at aimiable terms too. They did not talk or look at each other at all.
[the-sun news]

Andy Lau, Tony Leung and Leon Lai at the set of Infernal Affairs III. Pak Loong Wong was invited to officiate the rituals and opening for the movie. Pak Loong Wong kept his distance from Leon because he was wearing a cross.

Because of his accessory, Leon did not get any blessings from Pak Loong Wong but he was adviced to guard against women and be careful when dealing with women.
[Oriental News]

Eric Tsang was at his office space in StarEast days ago. He, Candy Lo and Teresa Mo were there to film some scenes for their movie [Daai Jeung Foo]. Though Eric is seldom in his office but he is popular among the staffs. They were willing to inconvenience themselves by giving up their right to use the toilets that were cordoned to facilitate the filming. In separate news, Teresa Mo is now hosting a radio program and has garnered some new fans in her wake.
[the-sun news]

Wing Yip was whisked away from fans by the security.

Beyond held their sold out concert in Beijing last night. They had about 3000 police at the venue to help to avoid any chaos. It was 15 years ago since their last gig in Beijing, China.


Athena Chu was at TVB's Jade Solid Gold's recording last night. The reporters who were present grabbed the opportunity to quiz Athena for her thoughts with regards to Stephen Chow's pending lawsuit with the parapazzi. However, Athena was evasive and not willing to talk or have any association with Stephen Chow.

7:20 am

Stephen Chow Sing Chi has filed a defamation suit against Apple Daily News and Yat Jau Hon for alleging that he had a one night stand with some lass in the hotel while filming [Kung Fu] in Mainland.

7:15 am

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