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Friday, October 03, 2003

[Sing Tao Daily News]

Directed by Andrew Lau and Mak Siu Fai and starring four former best actors: Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang, Francis Ng and Hu Jin together with Carina Lau, Edison Chen and Shawn Yue, "Infernal Affairs II" opened on 1st October to takings of $3.9 million (68 screens) and has broken the box office records in Hong Kong for local and foreign film openings in October and tops the opening night takings for this year. Total takings over the first two days have reached $5.2 million and broken the records of the original "Infernal Affairs" of $2 million first night takings.
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Faye Wong will be staging eight concerts on 20/12/2003 at Hong Hum. Faye's artiste manager, Chan Kar Ying told the press that it is not possible for Faye to have additional nights as the venue is already booked by other organisers and singers. Hence, fans have to act fast or risk missing Faye's act.

Tickets will be available for sale in November and booking through credit cards will commence from next week.
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A show of star power by Kelly Chen. She was invited on National Day to officiate the opening of a shopping mall in ShenZhen but had to cancel it when fans and shoppers created massive obstruction to the traffic.

The huge crowd only disperse when they knew that Kelly will not be appearing at the venue.
Thursday, October 02, 2003
Albums out in recent weeks


Lost and Found
Shawn Yue ~~~09/2003
This is a EP. CD + VCD

Deep Ng Hong Hoa
Deep Ng Hong Hoa ~~~09/2003
This is a EP + VCD.

Wong Hing
Judi Wong Hing ~~~ 09/2003
This is a EP and AVCD version.

Nei Seung Ngoh Dim
Edwin Siu Jing Nam ~~~ 24/09/2003
AVCD version

Ngoh Seung Ngoh Cheung
Gigi Leung Wing Kei ~~~ 26/09/2003
2 CDs in one.

Phase I The Retrospect.
BoBo Chan ~~~ 30/09/2003
new songs + old hits. 2 CDs.

Show Up
Joey Yong Jo Yi ~~~ 30/09/2003
CD or DSD version

Custom Made
Hacken Lee ~~~ 04/10/2003
4 CDs. New Songs and old hits.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Hong Kong All-stars soccer team have been invited to Wai An for their food festival as well as to take part in a friendly match against the Chinese All-star team. Hong Kong stars including Alan Tam, Nat Chan, Felix Wong and Sing Fui On all came together to win 4-2, with Alan being voted 'Man of the Match'.

Apart from the competition and excitement of the trip, there was a touching moment as Alan Tam presented on behalf of the team a special card to one of the female crew members who is suffering from cancer. When the others found out about her condition, the well wishes flooded in and this touched her greatly.

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The death of Lam Yun Tim, 36- year old son of Cantonese Opera master Lam Ka Sing, has rocked the HK entertainment industry as a whole as well as the operatic circles. As stars such as Master Lam's students Joyce Koi and Lam Kam Tong react to the news, Master Lam and his wife return to Hong Kong from Canada to carry out the terrible task of arranging their son's funeral.

There have been reactions commenting on a great waste of life from Jim Wong and Liza Wang, when they heard the news of Lam Yun Tim's suicide. He was found dead at his residence after committing suicide from burning coal. (Carbon Monoxide poisoning.) Family and friends say that he was healthy and had no obvious reasons that would drive him to commit such a desperate act.

(report summarised)

[Sing Tao Daily News]

The Music is Live concert held recently attracted support from colleagues within the industry, including Twins, Cookies, Bobo Chan, Ronald Cheng and Alex Fong were there together and also Anthony's friend. No wonder that Miriam Yeung and Anthony Wong (Yiu Ming) were very excited as they hugged each other on stage and he kissed her lightly on the forehead.

However because they both had throat infections, the quality of their singing was not to their usual standard. Anthony had a cold and felt better after taking medication beforehand and managed to maintain his standard, but Miriam herself requested to start again in two of her songs, proving her demand for perfection.

Miriam and Ronald are a couple sharing the same ailment as they both appeared at the concert despite being ill. During the interview, Miriam's voice was so croaky that she could barely speak, but when it was mentioned that Miriam was singing at her worst when Ronald went to the washroom, she couldn't help speaking out saying: "You don't think I messed up because I couldn't see him do you? Of course not! (Did you invite Ronald to the show yourself?) I didn't even know he was coming, maybe it was manager Paco Wong who brought them all along for support."

At this time, Paco passed by and when asked whether he had invited Ronald along, he denied it without thinking, Miriam opened her eyes wide and shouted to him: "You're stitching me up!" and Paco quickly admitted it. When it was mentioned his testimony did not agree, Miriam added: "It's the truth because we haven't discussed it! I really didn't know he was here, I actually saw Alex first as he left. (Ronald was with Alex at the time.) Really... oh dear I am not saying any more it is getting worse and worse... haha!"

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