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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tony Leung Chiu Wai won fame in Europe after being crowned as the Best Actor at Cannes for his role in [In the Mood for Love]. With the release of [2046], Tony was favourably compared to legendary Marlon Brando. His soaring popularity even attracted the attention of Salvatore Ferragamo.

Tony appeared in Via Condotti(Rome) after accepting an invite by the flagship Salvatore Ferragamo store in Italy. He became the first Asian actor to have his own wooden last of his feet by Salvatore Ferragamo. Top-notch shoemaker, Antonio Puccioni was there to measure Tony's feet and introduced Ferragamo's new line of personalised and handmade shoes, Tramezza and the sports shoes collection, Freedom. He also explained the stitched welting construction of the Tramezza to Tony. Diego di San Giuliano, grandson of Salvatore Ferragamo, was also there to serve Tony Leung in the store.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Jimmy Wong and Rosamund Kwan have announced their separation after being together for 3 years. They were rumoured to have broken up since June when Rosamund was seen with another man in Shanghai. It was believed that Rosamund chose to break the news now because she is not in HK and didn’t want to be hounded by the paparazzi about her failed romance.

The last time when they appeared as a couple was during the Gucci fashion show. However, at that time, Jimmy had moved out of their love nest. They weren’t seen together when Rosamund celebrated her birthday last month. Both of them attributed their break up to the fact that the love just fizzled out.

Roman Tam's Death Anniversary

Today is Roman Tam's death anniversary. Joey Yung went to pay her respects to her mentor yesterday as she was scheduled to leave HongKong for work. The other disciple, Ekin Cheng is currently not in Hong Kong. He told the press he would go pay his respects when he comes back but he won't informed the media when he does.

note: Roman Tam passed away two years ago on 18th Oct 2002.

Vivian Lai Sui Yan was spotted at Tong Lo Wan with some friends. She was slimmer compared to months ago. The reason for slimming down was not because her hubby and father-in-law had any complaints about her being chubby, it was because she didn't want people to bug her about when she's giving birth or thought she's pregnant again.

note: Vivian Lai gave birth to a baby girl on July 2003. Her hubby is not in the entertainment industry.


Give Love A Break. Joey Yung. Cantonese. CD+DVD.
Released on 14/10/2004.

Travelogue Too. Chet Lam. Cantonese. CD.
Released on 06/10/2004.

PS: any queries abt canto music releases pls forward to

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hacken was puzzled about recent rumours of him making umpteen phone calls to GiGi Lai to persuade the latter to star in his latest MV. He told reporters that it isn't his call to select or choose MV leads, the company decided it and that he is just complying.

Acting on a tip-off from property market watchers, the media understands that Louis Koo had just bought a bigger landed property at Ho Man Tim. According to sources, the new dwelling is a whopping 4300 sq ft with 5 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, and a sprawling garden and it is 3 storeys high. This new house is estimated to be worth around HKD$70 million.

When quizzed, Louis was candid about his latest property investment, saying it is a gift for his own birthday (Louis' birthday is on 21 Oct) this year and a reward for toiling. He also told the press that he is selling his current pad to finance his new home and he has to take on more jobs in order to pay the loans acquired to buy this new home. He will still be living with his parents.

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