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Friday, April 02, 2004
New Releases

History-His Story, compilation, 3 CDs + VCD, Canto. 01/04/2004.
Artiste- Leslie Cheung

Leslie Beloved, compilation, 3 CDs, Canto + Mando + Eng. 01/04/2004.
Artiste- Leslie Cheung

Fireworks Soup, single, AVCD, Canto. 02/04/2004.
Artiste- Leslie Cheung

Deep In The Music, EP, AVEP, Canto. 31/03/2004.
Artiste- Deep Ng Ho Hong

Endy, EP, AVEP, Canto. 18/03/2004.
Artiste- Endy Chow Kok Yin

United 2R, EP, CD + VCD, Canto. 29/03/2004.
Artiste- 2R

The Years of Richie, New songs + Old hits, 2 CDs, Mando. 29/03/2004.
Artiste- Richie Ren

Coming Soon;
Barry Yip, Si Kar Gor, Canto
Jacky Cheung, Life is like a dream, Canto
Fiona Sit, Canto, debut album
Winfred Lau, Canto, debut album
Joey Yung, Canto
GiGi Leung, Mando
Faye Wong, Concert CD

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Letters to GorGor by fellow celebrities;

Beloved Leslie:

How are you? You are always on my mind, and especially so today. In the past, you would, without fail, attend and support the cancer society for children at tonight's gala. However, this year on the 3rd April, you are not here with us..*sob*
Hope that you would be watching over the children of Hong Kong from the heavens and protecting them from harm.

Take Care.

Fong Fong (Josephine Siu Fong Fong)
1st April 2004.

Dearest Leslie,

Eversince your demise on 1st April, April Fool's Day no longer exists to me. Instead, it's a sad day for me. Your face, your voice will always be in my heart.

I will always remember you. May you be happy in the heavens!!!

Ka Yin Jeh (Nancy Sit)

Handsome GorGor:

Though sickness has stolen your mortal form from us, your spirit and your soul is with us. Today, I saw you again (in the wax museum). As always, you are perfect. Nothing has changed.

Love You Forever!!!!!!!!!!

Ming Jeh (you used to call me this)
31 March 2004

ps. fogot to tell you, "VICTORIA" is my new name. Do you like it?

leslie pic sourced from HKPVR and modified by lepra.
other pics from OrientalDaily.
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

SING TAO - Tomorrow marks the first year Leslie Cheung passed away. Fans from around the world are holding their own tribute events in his memory. Leslie's former manager Florence Chan wrote a song to remember Leslie. The album and the video are complete for the song, titled Fireworks Soup. One of the events held in Leslie's memory is at the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, in which a wax figure of Leslie will be unveiled. Leslie's longtime sweetheart Daffy Tong and Florence will be at the event. The CD with the single is packaged in pink. On the backside is a personal note from Florence, written in both Chinese and English. "Fireworks Soup, for the friend I miss more and more. This represents my deep gratitude, and is for everyone who loves him, admires him and misses him [like] his fans and friends. This is especially for Mr. Tong. Florence Chan." Florence spent 6 figures to film the video. She didn't use clips of Leslie. We only see his image at the end of the video. Florence says she wanted people to see the images of Leslie with smiles and laughter, and spent a lot of time searching for the perfect album cover image. A friend found the perfect photo at last. "I think Gorgor was taking care of me, letting me find the most perfect result at the last moment." Florence will also bring fans to tour places that Leslie used to frequent, such as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, his favorite salon, the harbor and to his former designer's office.

ORIENTAL DAILY NEWS - April 1 will forever leave a deep scar in the hearts of Leslie Cheung's fans. A year after the legend plunged from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, fans are organizing events in his memory. His beloved Daffy Tong cannot forget his pain. Today, Daffy will attend the unveiling of Leslie's wax figure at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. Tong Tong has also agreed to appear at the 23rd Annual Hong Kong Film Awards on April 4 to accept an award on Leslie's behalf. Anita Mui's award may be accepted by her good friend Eddie Lau. Regarding the CD containing Florence Chan's new song for Leslie, two versions will be released. One is a single given to fans who attend tomorrow's tribute. Another CD will be sold for HKD $15 which contains a music video and karaoke version.

Special thanks to
Monday, March 29, 2004

Karen Mok, Eason Chan, Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu came out in full force to help promote their latest movie, Dai Lo Oi Mei Lai.

Stephen was especially nervous as this is his maiden effort in directing. He told the media that he would be happy if he didnt make the investors lose money for investing in this movie.

The results of the HK Bauhina Awards is out. Simon Yam was crowned the Best Actor while Cecilia Cheung won the Best Actress award for her effort in Lost in Time. PTU swept a total of nine awards. Jacky Cheung, Sandra Ng, Karena Lam, Josie Ho and Candy Lo also graced the event.


Sally Yeh is currently holding a series of concerts in HongKong. Apart from hubby, George Lam, fellow singers like Joey Yung, Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan and Andy Lau were there to lend their support and perform.

According to Theresa Lee's (Guo Xiang in ROCH 95) manager, Icy, Theresa is four months pregnant and currently in Canada with her fiance, Corey. It was not known whether the couple intend to tie the knot after the arrival of the their child. The couple has been dating for 11 years.

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