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Friday, July 16, 2004

[The Sun]

With their healthy images, Hacken Lee and Miriam Yeung beat the other music stars to be named at the top of RTHK's "Healthy Artistes Poll" and the two winners collected their awards in person from the station earlier. Hacken laughed that he got the award because he managed to hide his sins well: "Maybe it is because I don't have much gossip. (You are very devoted?) I just hide it well! I wipe my mouth after I have 'stolen the food' and it doesn't affect other people, so this should be renamed the award for the 'Best Concealing Artiste'. (And also maybe because you weren't part of the group of artistes alleged to be involved with drugs?) Yes, maybe because I was not there, so I have this award." Hacken reveals that his choice of Healthy star is George Lam: "I played golf with him earlier and he even walks faster than me and can play better than me." As for recent reports about artistes being arrested for drugs offences, Hacken says: "I don't feel that the showbiz industry is so clouded, there are a lot of very healthy stars, such as Andy Lau, Ekin Cheng and Gigi Leung. (They have all had emotional difficulties over the years though.) In the world of love there is never any right or wrong!"

As for Miriam, she indicates that when she has problems, she will go and talk to friends. When asked if she would go and see boyfriend Ronald Cheng, she replies smartly: "I usually go and see friends from outside the industry."
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
[the sun news]

Johnathan Lee and Sandy Lam Yik Lin had released press statements to inform the media that they divorced, ending their six years of marriage. Both parties maintain that they parted on amiable terms though not without regrets.

According to reliable sources, they signed the divorce papers in Beijing last month. However, at that point of time neither has come clean about the divorce till speculations went on an overdrive.

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