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Friday, October 17, 2003
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Joey Yong's Show Up!!!Joey Yong Concert commenced on 16/10/2003. It will stretch for six consecutive nights. The first night was a sell-out. Fellow celebrities like Anthony Wong, Denise Ho and Maggie from 3Twere sighted at Hong Hum attending the concert.

Chris Wong and George Lam are the Joey's guest stars for this concert.
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Sneak peek at the filming of Kung Fu, Stphen Chow's lastest brain child. He was seen venting his fustration at a stand-in. Actor, Yuen Wah was caught sniggering when the debacle happened.
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Filming for Infernal Affairs III has completed. According to previous news, Sammi Cheng was supposedly not in the cast but reporters found out that she guest-starred in this final installment, reprising the role of Mary who was Andy's girlfriend in the movie. In this final installment, Kelly Chen will be smooching Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

On a lighter note, Andy Lau told the press that he had a great time filming with all the cast and due to the time he and Leon Lai spent together for IA III, their friendship has also grown.

Infernal Affairs III is scheduled to hit the HK cinemas in December. Do watch this space for updates.

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