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Saturday, April 17, 2004

[The Sun]

Andy Lau has reached his forties, but whether in looks or figure, he has kept himself well and thre is little difference between him and the guys in their twenties. However, he has been troubled with high cholesterol leading him to quit smoking and also deter from eating his favourite Char Siu BBQ pork, turning to a more healthier diet.

Andy talks of the secrets to his youth:

People around me ask how I can keep so fit? In the past I did employ a personal trainer to teach me how to keep fit, but now I no longer have one. I keep myself active by playing tenpin bowling and when I am at home watching TV, I will lift a few weights.

Don't see me as being rather skinny, earlier I was suffering from high cholesterol, so I have to be very careful in what I eat, even having to cut down on my favourite food Char Siu. I have to try and control what I eat because I don't want my cholesterol levels to go back up! Now I am used to mixing yoghurt with cereal or eating dried fruit for breakfast, I eat very little junk food, maybe just a few peanuts. Usually after eating breakfast, I will skip lunch. You have to eat breakfast and can eat enough to be full. Then in the evening, because of work, it will be a very simple meal. I get full really easily, maybe just a bowl of soup will fill me up. As for supper, I don't eat it unless I am filming through the night, when I will eat some bread at most.

Actually keeping fit is a job for life and you cannot let yourself slip. If you relax yourself then you will lose the battle, but you should also not push yourself too hard, so sometimes, I will openly eat a big meal because if you force yourself to do something you don't want to, then it will never succeed.

As for my skin, I really pay little attention to it and don't apply much care. I feel that you will look younger if you are happy and young in your heart. Also, I don't know if I have special powers because I am more awake if I don't sleep and if I get enough sleep, I look puffy and tired. I don't know why, maybe I am naturally tailored for this business!

[The Sun]

Christy Chung and boyfriend Yan Zhenqiang have been dating for over three years and during this time, there have been numerous reports of their marriage, but the latest reports indicate that the couple will be wedded in June at a church in the Thai island of Phuket. The flower girl will of course be Christy's six-year old daughter Jasmine from her previous marriage. Reports indicate that after her marriage, Christy and her family will be settling in Beijing and opening a Vietnamese Restaurant there.

In response to the reports, Christy's manager Miss Tang indicated: "Christy will be returning to Hong Kong for a promotion on 4th May, maybe you can let her tell you herself then. (Will she be getting married in June at Koh Samui Church in Phuket, Thailand?) I can say that is not the case. (Not getting married?) Not June and not that church. These are their personal matters, let her tell you!"

[The Sun]

Louis Koo and Cherie Ying appeared at a promotion for BMW and admired the new BMW X3 off-road vehicles. Louis indicated that he is interested in buying a new car and he is very attracted, but he sighs emphatically: "It makes me think of the phrase - 'To drive makes you realise you have a licence, to crash makes you realise the value of the car'." It turns out that Louis has not driven a car himself for two years, he says: "In the past I had two accidents wher I nearly lost my life. The first time was when I was in high school. I was happily walking out from school when I was knocked over by a van, but I was okay after having an X-ray. The second time I was cutting across the wrong lanes and the car was a total loss. I still have a blood clot in my brain that is pressing on my nerve and it makes my hands shake all the time, but luckily the doctor says it has little effect on my other functions."

Louis admits that this has left him with a fear over driving: "These last two years I have been so busy and I am always falling asleep when I am in the car, so it would be very dangerous if I am driving." It was only when he saw such a beautiful car yesterday that he was slightly moved. He says: "The sponsors should give me a discount of 30-40%! The car is so safe and convenient, it is attracting me to buy one for myself."

Also, Cherie said on stage that she only considers how the car looks and does not worry about features and this shocked the car company bosses. Later, she added rather embarrassed, that she was just following the script and that she has not yet got a licence, but she has driven before in New York and for work in Taiwan. She says: "I think I don't need lessons before I take my driving test."

[The Sun]

After three years of not releasing any records, Ekin Cheng has signed for the seven figure sum of $8,888,888 with BMG. In order to mark Ekin's return to his former record company, they will be holding a large welcoming party next week for him and releasing his first record for him next month.

Upon hearing the news of his return to BMG, Ekin's old buddy Jordan Chan hopes that he can rebuild the brotherly team. He says: "I am happy that Ekin is returning to BMG because I can lose the status of being the only singer left in the company. I hope that I can work together with him in the future." Ekin has been building up his strength in the movie industry over the last few years, but he has still been pratising hard with his singing skills and attending singing lessons. He will also be guest starring in TVB's charity show on the 25th of this month.

[The Sun]

As the record industry is going through tough times at the moment, EEG is following the trend for pure music and the student trend of playing the piano, and creating a way of exploiting this by releasing a CD of piano arrangements of the company's singers songs and also the musical scores for them. Taking the lead will be a set of Joey Yung's songs and included with the book and CD will be some of Joey's photos, a poster and a lyric book. Later, other EEG artists such as Twins, Nicholas Tse and Eason Chan will also follow suit. Also, EEG will be releasing a set of photo collections, again starting with Joey Yung.

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