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Friday, September 05, 2003
BREAKING NEWS: Anita Mui admits to having Cervical Cancer and Pledges to Fight her Condition

[Oriental Daily]

The condition of Anita Mui's health has been the root of much speculation recently and have been drawn to a close with her admittance that she is suffering from cervical cancer. No-one is happy at the revealing of the answer to the puzzle, but gentle reassurance is apparent as Anita has not been brought down by the news and she confidently pledges to fight against the cancer. "I am a patient, but I am not a weakling." This is her challenge against the illness.

Accompanied by many of her close friends in showbiz, Anita held a press conference. As she revealed her condition she opened up all the feelings from her heart: "I have been very troubled recently because everyone has been so concerned about my health but this has led to much speculation and has caused me to realise that it was not my illness that was troubling me, but all the fearful rumours. The reason I did not reveal my illness was that I didn't want my friends and fans to worry about it because many of my fans have not slept all week and come crying to me asking what my illness is and I have an elderly mother at home who I have still not told. This is because I sincerely believe that I can win this battle and will get better."

Even though Anita wanted to continue with her treatment, the media was constantly chasing her around making her unable to go out and for fear of affecting other patients, she was forced to stop her treatment. She felt very afraid and pressurised by this and did not know what to do. At this point, Anita paused for a while and took a breath before saying: "You all want to know what my illness is?" She held a serious expression as she revealed her condition: "I will say very calmly to you I have cancer, it is cervical cancer, it is not spreading and is not terminal and I am not dying just yet. (laugh) It seems like everyone is waiting for me downstairs like I am about to die, I don't know if this is down to concern or mere curiosity, I believe it is mostly concern."

In the midst of the puzzled media, Anita has already undergone several months of treatment and she deeply believes that she will win the battle so she did not intend to tell her friends and family about it, but in the end she had to tell them. She stops and bites her lip: "I found that with a little more care between people, a little more support, this becomes real strength and I decided to tell them."

When her friends found out, they were eager to help her get better and many of them made her soup and went looking for remedies, greatly touching Anita. She says with great pride and confidence: "It is their strength that makes me stand here today, I have never been afraid and I will win this battle. I will not forsake your support. My fans, I hope that you will not worry, I am a patient but I am not a weakling."

After revealing the truth, of course she will continue her treatment and she will not mind the following of the media but she does have one request that they will not intrude on the other patients. She says that there is nothing that can affect her confidence and is thankful for the support of her colleagues, pledging to continue to be a professional artiste and appear as a bright and lively Anita Mui whenever she appears.

Anita reveals that thanks to the support of Cheung Yiu Yeung, she will be holding a concert in November and a tour and she has also signed as spokesperson for a slimming company. Finally she hopes that the media will report the truth and be fair to her as she says: "I will stand up again very soon, just watch how I fight and win this war." As she left the venue she was asked whether she feels more relaxed now. She says: "All relaxed now!" After the press conference, Anita also sent out a statement, saying that she found out about her cancer over a year ago and there was no need to remove it at the time, but after a recent check up, she found that it had changed and it was confirmed that she had cancer.

[The Sun]

Anita Mui revealed the truth about her cervical cancer and her belief that she can fight it, thanking her friends for their support. The first to find out the truth was her close friend Andy Lau and when he found out that Anita was trying to hide it from everyone and becoming depressed, hiding herself away in her home, Andy persuaded her to continue with her treatment.

There have been many rumours about cancer since the news was revealed that Anita was ill and despite earlier denials and suggestions that it was anaemia, she revealed the truth in the presence of her good friends, including Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh, Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui, Tony Leung, Nic Tse, William So, Grasshoppers, Shum Kin Fan, Lau Tin Lan, Cheung Yiu Yeung, Kwok Kai Wah, Kam Kwong Shing, Lee Chun and her agent Marianne Wang. She calmly said: "I have cancer, but I have never been afraid and I will win the battle!" Anita has evaded the truth from the media because she has been afraid about what people will say.

Since revealing the truth about her illness, Anita has received messages wishing her well and urging her to continue her treatment from friends all over, including Nat Chan, Liza Wang and Lam Kwok Ban.

Thursday, September 04, 2003
Coming Soon

It will hit the screens in HK next week!
[Oriental News]

Jerry Yan will be flying over to HongKong to film in a movie Magical Kitchen with Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau. He will cut his hair for this movie.
Maggie Q will also be in this production to replace Karen Mok who cannot make it in time.
[ news]

Ekin Cheng , Karena Lam and director Carol Lai is in Venice Film Festival to present their movie Changing Landscape. The response was cold for the film as everyone has their attention directed at Nicholas Cage's movie.
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
[the-sun news]

Aaron Kwok was seen leaving a restaurant after treating Chilam to a dinner for not being able to attend Chilam's birthday bash last month. Anita Yuen was also present at the dinner.


Jan Lamb is very Multimedia.

Hong Kong artiste Jan Lamb Hoi Fong’s diversity makes it difficult for one to place him in only one genre. He was a disc jockey, a singer, acted in movies, directed movies, composed lyrics, a scriptwriter, and a novelist, did graphic design for albums and an art director etc…. He is a man who played numerous roles.

This article will not mention anything about Jan and Cass Phang, or anything about his feuds with ex partner Eric Kwok Ming Fai. It will focus on Jan’s creativity, his works and his experiences. Hopefully, any reader would find this article a worthy read.

[R—Reporter, J—Jan]
R: Willingness to try out new things, are they folks who are willing to make improvements? Talk about the movies and books you like.

J: I do not have any preference. I like to look at pictures. I read stuff like ‘Arena’, ‘Face’, ‘Elle Decoration’ and ‘Dune’. They are foreign magazines that are available in Hong Kong. I read all kinds of stuff.

R: Were u inspired or influenced by any movie director when you decide to direct a movie?

J: No. It was because I have been doing the same thing for too long, it is time for me to move on. For instance, I have been a disc jockey in a radio station for 7-8 years and in another 10 years’ time I would probably be transferred to the management board and do administrative work. I do not want that to happen hence I have to hop and do other things. Telling people that I’m a happening person.

I did not switch for the sake of switching. I did it because I like it. I have never directed a film before but I acted, knew how the whole system function. I felt that I could learn something and experiment stuff. Being a disc jockey, lyricist and musician are not without perks but movie making has a wider horizon.

I’m not what others had been speculating. I was not inspired by any movie director to jump onto the bandwagon and harbor any aspirations to become an avant-garde director. I do not dare to entertain such thoughts.

Frankly, it was not something you wished for and you will get it. Most instances, it was just pure luck that it materialized and you did not know how it had happened.

R: You made short films like [Sky Novel], [Redundant Novel] and recently your debut solo effort [Hard Beat]. All of them had received rave reviews from critics. In fact, some even thought that they were incredible. (Note: films name are a rough translation and may not be correct)

J: I thought it was because nothing quite out of the ordinary happened during that period of time. That was why people paid attention to my works. When one person remarked that it was good, others followed suit. That is how the Hong Kong media works. I feel it is the rules of the game that made it happened (bouquets or brickbats). I think otherwise when I showed it to someone, I got a scolding. Those works are child’s play, they said.

R: Do you feel that you have not make any progress all the while?

J: (lowers his head for quite awhile) Is making an effort to try new things a form of progress? Or is it something that everyone should do? Honestly, I do not think it was progress but something everyone should do. It’s like working for a press house, after sometime, you would want a change of environment or does something different. This is not progress, but it is something you have to do. Otherwise, you will be passé.

Planning too much is no fun.

R: You take on so many roles. How does one introduce you?

J: Good and Bad. The Bad--- What am I?

R: I have thought of a word to describe you. Call ‘Multimedia’.

J: Well, if you put it nicely. With regards to this question, I dithered. When a magazine interviewed me, I did thought of this problem. Is it because I am feeling empty, felt frightened and the need to prove to others that spurred me to do so many things, looking for trouble.

R: Is it because you have boundless energy? Bursting with creativity?

J: No. I am lazy. I eat whatever that is on the plate. Then again, there will be stuff that was stored for future use and when the opportunities came knocking, they were being utilized.

R: A lot of people would not mind having three meals a day and having the same fare. You are different. You have different fares and more than three and at times four or five at one go.

J: Couldn’t help it. It was not my choice. If I had chosen to be an actor in my earlier years, none of these would have happened. Those days were too ‘roving’; I had to think of ways to help myself to decide what I want. I felt that I could try many things and play around.
If I completed an album and then immediately dive in to conceptualize my next album, I think I cannot come out with something that rocks. Furthermore, those 2 albums will be compared and scrutinized. I will try my hand at directing films, releasing albums and even opening a shop.

At the end of the day, I do have concrete plans but I don’t dare to lay it out in the open. This is because; I believe that things that you yearn for will not materialize. The more you want it, the less likely that it will happen and you always end up with something different. Anyway, planning too much will not be fun anymore.

Using 10 years to direct films, one per year, with quality, enough to have a sumptuous meal makes me really happy. Every matter will have a record, all of us hope to excel and have a good record.

R: Choose a career that you would like to pursue. Why?

J: Movie. It encompasses a lot of things and these things are stuffs that I really wanted to do. Movie is a shopping mall; picture, script, soundtrack (music), art direction…. it has everything. This department is where I like to shop.

R: Have you thought of directing a movie that everyone can understand?

J: I think this is my problem, I think too much and too profound. When I was a disc jockey, I was relaxed and comfortable. Now, I am accountable for too many things and thus forced myself into a corner. Hence, I try to loosen up and treat this as a vacation; talk faster and in a higher pitch. When doing work, my voice will be lower and deeper.

Reading a lot does not necessary induce creativity.

R: How to stimulate creativity? Drawing from your experience, give some pointers.

J: Very Difficult (to give pointers). It has to depend on the influences of the environment. The environment does not provide the space and pre-requisite for people to act on their creativity----- a lot of people are very intelligent but the environment restricted them.
You might not know how to apply when pointers are given to you. I can suggest to you to read more and absorb information and then teach u how to apply? Ultimately, you have to figure out how best to apply what u had absorbed.

R: What is a place like Hong Kong? She can bring out the best in so many people?

J: She cannot be laid back! The atmosphere that She projects does not allow you to make a stop. No matter what you do, your mind will always be swirling with thoughts. We will discriminate those slackers who do nothing.

Plagiarism and Innovation are brothers

R: What is Plagiarism and Innovation to you?

J: Two brothers, regardless of seniority.

R: Are they from the same mother?

J: (seems woozy for a while) Same mother. If you don’t pry, how do you know something has happened?

R: Everyone stressed on “Originality”.

J: When you come across something you have not seen before and you will think that it is original. After seeing and reading widely, you will understand that every creation is based on certain fundamentals. There were many instances where things that I came out with were stuffs that I read or seen. These do not count as Plagiarism; they were accidental and not intentional.

Specially made an appointment with Jan Lamb Hoi Fong for an interview two weeks before arriving in Hong Kong. There were many reports that interviewing Jan was a task; he is evasive and takes you for a ride, lots of absurdity. He was a picture of antonym to what the Hong Kong Media painted when the interview materialized. He was deliberate in his replies, witty and with a professional attitude.

Jan Lamb often uses ‘coincidence’ to describe the route to Creativity and use ‘play’ to describe his efforts throughout the interview. He maintains that Creativity cannot be explained most of the time. Even if there is an explanation to it, revealing it will make the subject lose its paradox and render it boring.

Modern Man covet technicality, stress on Logic. Many instances, the environment compel one to relinquish the courage to play and renounce their desires. Ironically, no play makes one a dull jack.

Mini Bibliography

Born in 1967,Shanghainese. 1984, enrolled to do a design course, got himself a job in an advertising firm, switched to part-time study.

1988 join HK Cash radio station at the age of 22 and become a disc jockey. Went into partnership with Eric Kwok Ming Fai and call themselves ‘Yuen Uamm Tien Sze’. Their talk shows and programs were a hit with the young. They released 2 albums during their partnership. Jan went solo after the partnership was dissolved and debut with the album [Hard Beat].

Moonlight as an art director, his works include Faye Wong’s [imagining], Karen Mok [full body], Jan Lamb [hard beat], Leo Ku [enjoy yourself tonight], Jordan Chan [big issue] and Andy Hui [my heaven, my song].
(Note: titles of album are roughly translated and may not be correct.)

He has since resigned from Cash and channeled all his energy to film making.

courtesy of and softhard fans.
Monday, September 01, 2003

[The Sun]

Famous star from the Mainland Lu Yi has arrived in Hong Kong to make a couple of films and he has revealed that he is gradually getting used to the working environment but cannot accept the rumours that he has many lovers. All he needs is one girlfriend and he intends on getting married when he is 30.

A top male lead in Mainland China, Lu Yi has recently been signed for many Hong Kong films and been invited strongly to break into the local market, films including “Hing Dai” (Brothers) working with Cheung Yiu Yeung, Ngo Sau Leung, Alex Man and Shing Fui On and also “Sing Gam Do See” working with Carina Lau, Cecilia Cheung, Athena Chu, Yoyo Mung and Edison Chen. Working with the fast paced HK filming crew, Lu Yi says: “It’s alright, I am getting used to it.” In the film, he and Edison have a competition to chase the girls but he says: “This is not the same as the real me, I don’t like chasing girls, I only need one girlfriend and I intend to get married when I am 30.” Currently 27 years old, he is not worried that his marriage will affect his performing career because he feels that a normal life is very important. Lu Yi appeared at the press conference yesterday with “Brothers” co-star and fellow mainland actor Chen Jianhong and the two have known each other for a long time. Chen praises Lu Yi for his family values and responsible nature but he isn’t the type of guy she likes.

Anita Mui has recently had many rumours spread regarding her health and she spoke openly about this for the first time on Wednesday as she angrily directed to the rumour spreaders ‘Are you trying to kill me?’ and also thanked Lydia Shum for her kind words and concern about her ‘long-term illness’ and advice to go and seek medical help and will to fight the illness, but she also added that she hopes those who are unclear about the situation not to add their comments.

In response to Lydia’s concern, Anita said on the phone: “When I saw the reports, I wanted to thank Lydia and am grateful for her genuine concern for us her juniors, especially as she is also my idol for being able to spend every day so happily and this is my goal in life.” She says that she has never needed to clarify the rumours about her, because she didn’t want those friends and fans who support her to worry, but as the rumours get darker and darker, she cannot resist the urge any longer to explain the situation. Anita says: “I hope that those who do not know the details will not add their comments and to stop these rumours that have little basis. All in all, I do not have this major illness that everyone is talking about.”

Saying that she has anaemia and a low white blood cell count, Anita says that her health was quite poor earlier because after Leslie Cheung’s death she found it hard to accept it and also with the rumours between her and her junior Nicholas Tse making her rather angry, her body and soul were troubled causing her to become ill. She says: “After Leslie’s death, I was unhappy all along and I developed mild anorexia and insomnia. Then I felt the love between people so I put my efforts into the ‘1:99 Concert’ and I asked for Leslie to give me strength at the temple and found myself gaining the strength to go on. However because I was so fatigued, it caused many after effects. At first, I was getting much better, but after another set of negative news after my efforts to help Nicholas along with his career caused rumours to fly around caused me to be very upset by a certain magazine.”

During this time, Anita had many plans and wanted to help many people, but she developed anaemia and the doctors instructed her to nurse her body back to health before facing a string of work. Anita says: “Next week I will be full of energy and vitality and will face everyone with a smile, please do not worry about me.”

[The Sun]

Andy Hui and William So will be holding their “Hong Kong’s Well and Healthy Concert” in September and with the success of their ticket sales, they announced yesterday that they will be adding an extra show on 20th September. They appeared at a promotion wearing shirts and trousers looking like brothers. William seems to have put on some weight as Andy says: “I have already forced him to lose some weight so we are always water skiing where I will throw him in the water. He is very afraid of water but he is getting over it.”

Also someone suggested that they should wear T-backs at the concert, William laughs in reply: “I don’t want to spoil the market and create a bad image for Hong Kong.” He hopes that they will appear in a soldier image: “Like the look of a Prince, very formal with all the medals and looking so well built.” Andy jokes as he indicates that he will more than likely appear as a eunuch: “I will play Lee Lin Ying helping William out onto the stage.”

In response to the news of Anita Mui’s ill health, William says: “Well and healthy! We see her all the time and she is fine, even coming out for hotpot last week.”

[The Sun]

Jay Chou held an autograph signing event yesterday in Causeway Bay and attracted over 4000 fans. It turns out that a large crowd had already appeared the previous evening to queue overnight and some complaints were made from visitors from the mainland who were pushed out of the queue and unable to obtain Jay’s signed poster.

Hailing from Taiwan, Jay appeared in a t-shirt and shorts and appeared at the promotional event for his new CD “Ye Hui Mei”. Attracting 4000 fans, the organisers had prepared ten security personnel and the police were on standby for the event. Jay managed to sign 2000 posters for the long waiting fans in the space of one hour, acting speedily. However there were complaints from some Mainland fans who found that local fans were pushing in on the queue and curbing their chances of receiving the autograph as they sighed: “I would never have thought that queue-jumping in Hong Kong is worse than on the Mainland, it is so disappointing.”

During the event, a young fan was given the opportunity to have a photo taken with Jay, but because the girl was shy and not willing to give him a kiss, Jay was left out in the cold. Because the event was held on a temporary stage, the MC had to keep warning the fans to be careful of the step, but because of the hyped up fans, there were many who tripped up. Some fans were so happy to get his autograph that they started to cry . After Jay had finished signing, he wanted to go on stage to say hello to his fans, but they all immediately pushed forward and caused some chaos, Jay could only go back to his seat to take photos with his fans.

Although the record industry is at a low, Jay and Edmond Leung’s records are doing well and Jay beams: “Not bad not bad!” Jay reveals that he will be going to do a concert in Beijing at the end of the month and he is currently rehearsing for it.
Newbie Intro

Name: Lee Kwok Nang Terence
Birthdate: 7 Nov 1981
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 130 Ibs


Name: Ng Ho Hong Deep
Birthdate: 13 June
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 5 ft 10 inch
Weight: 150 Ibs

Was the winner of the NewTalent2002 singing competition organised by TVB.

all info courtesy of Terence and Deep's fans.

Music Charts

903id Cash RadioStation  30/8/2003

1  4  mong gei goh chi -- Eason Chan yik sun

2  5  ha lok bat ming -- Anthony Wong yiu ming
(Featuring Sandy lam)

3  10 yam tin tong lau lui -- Leo Ku gui gei

4  12 nei ting dak do -- Jay Chou

5  20 sin lok do -- Sammi Cheng sau man

6  9  ta bei ngoh chau -- Kelly Chen wai lam

7  3  kung ba ba -- Andy Hui ji on

8  N  yit huet fai yan -- foo wing /Shine

9  18 foh hung foh yit -- Edmond leung/Ronald Cheng
/Miriam Yeung/Denise Ho

10 6  fei nui jing chuen -- Miriam Yeung

11 7  jui oi ji so -- Shawn Yue Man Lok

12 1  tai siu yan yuen -- Jordan Chan siu chun

13 14 sin yap wai jue -- Ng Ho Hong

14 N  yue gin -- Stephanie Sun

15 17 choh oi dik foo woon --Aaron Kwok foo sing

16 19 yue mo -- Bobo Chan

17 N  jo bat do -- Harlem Yu

18 16 nei seung ngoh dim -- Edwin Siu jing nam

19 N  ha yat kong wa -- Twins

20 N  nim fa ye cho -- Priscilla Chan wai haan/
Jade Kwan sam yin


lui ting goh kuk boh fong ji so 30/08/2003

1  4  yam tin tong lau lui -- Leo Ku gui gei

2  8  mong gei goh chi -- Eason Chan yik sun

3  3 ta bei ngoh chau -- Kelly Chen wai lam

4  13 nim fa ye cho -- Priscilla Chan wai haan/ Jade Kwan sam yin

5  9 fei nui jing chuen -- Miriam Yeung

6  6  nei seung ngoh dim -- Edwin Siu jing nam

7  7  ha lok bat ming -- Anthony Wong yiu ming(Featuring Sandy lam)

8  10  jui oi ji so -- Shawn Yue Man Lok

9  19 ha yat kong wa -- Twins

10 20  nei ting dak do -- Jay Chou

11 15  choh oi dik foo woon --Aaron Kwok foo sing

12 5  kung ba ba -- Andy Hui ji on

13 2 juen -- Maggie Foo pooi kar

14 1  tai siu yan yuen -- Jordan Chan siu chun

15 16 yue mo -- Bobo Chan

17 12  17 yrs old -- Andy Lau

18 N sin lok do -- Sammi Cheng sau man

19 N  sin yap wai jue -- Ng Ho Hong

20 18  foh hung foh yit -- Edmond leung/Ronald Cheng/Miriam Yeung/Denise Ho


RTHK charts   30/8/2003

1  2  17 yrs old-- Andy Lau

2  4  gam tin moot wooi ga -- David Tao

3  5  mak sang yan -- Tanya Chua

4  6  saam chin ling yat ye -- Hacken Lee

5  7  Juen -- Maggie Foo pooi kar

6  10 yam tin tong lau lui -- Leo Ku

7  9  ha lok bat ming -- Anthony Wong(Featuring Sandy Lam)

8  11 nim fa ye cho -- Priscilla Chan/Jade Kwan

9  12 yat gik jik jung -- Cookies

10 16 ta bei ngoh chau -- Kelly Chen

11 18 mong gei goh chi -- Eason Chan

12 13 maai fa nui san -- Wong Hing

13 17 sin yap wai jue -- Ng Ho Hong

14 20 nei seung ngoh dim -- Edwin Siu

15 19 sei sing bat goi -- Boy'z

16 N  nei ting dak do -- Jay Chou

17 N  fei nui jing chuen -- Miriam Yeung

18 N  yue gin -- Stephanie Sun

19 N  ha yat kong wa -- Twins

20 N  ching chun foh fa -- E-Kids


Sun Seng Metro Station 30/08/2003

1  4  saam chin ling yat ye -- Hacken Lee

2  9  fei nui jing chuen -- Miriam Yeung

3  7  nei seung ngoh dim -- Edwin Siu

4  8  maai fa nui san -- Wong Hing

5  6  ha lok bat ming -- Anthony Wong(Featuring Sandy Lam)

6  16 mo yan do -- Chris Wong hoi kan

7  10 nim fa ye cho -- Priscilla Chan/Jade Kwan

8  11 yue mo -- Bobo Chan

9  12 ha yat kong wa -- Twins

10 18 yuen dei tiu -- Athena Chu yan

11 13 choh oi dik foo woon -- Aaron Kwok

12 14 ta bei ngoh chau -- Kelly Chen

13 15 jui oi ji so -- Shawn Yue

14 17 nei ting dak do -- Jay Chou

15 19 sin yap wa jue -- Ng Ho Hong

16 20 sim -- Lee Yat Long

17 N  sei sing bat goi -- Boy'z

18 N  mong gei goh chi -- Eason Chan

19 N  fooi bat dong choh -- Lee Kwok Nang

20 Re sat luen sam ching ho -- Jiu Jung Yue


TVB Jade Solid Gold 27/08/2003

1 3 17 yrs old -- Andy Lau
2 4 tai siu yan yuen -- Jordan chan
3 6 kung ba ba -- Andy Hui
4 8 yam tin tong lau lui -- Leo Ku
5 N yi foo ji ming -- Jay Chou
6 N gam tin moot wooi ja -- David Tao
7 N fei nui jing chuen -- Miriam Yeung
8 9 saam chin ling yat ye -- Hacken Lee
9 N yat gik jik jung -- Cookies
10 N sin yap wa jue -- Ng Ho Hong

courtesy of
Jay Chou in Hong Kong to do promotions for his new album [Yeh Hui Mei].

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