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Friday, October 10, 2003

[The Sun]

Grown men Louis Koo and Eason Chan appeared naked as they filmed posters for their new film "Ho Ching" (Bold Love) covering themselves only with a magazine featuring the equally revealing Ho Chiu Yee, proving that they will go all out to promote their new film.

Louis and Eason's movie has already turned heads with a steamy scene featuring 50 naked ladies and a scene in a real nightclub, but now the male stars are pushing themselves to another limit and give up their first time naked on screen. It is believed that when Louis and Eason found out about this poster concept, they both rushed to the gym to work out their muscles to make their bodies look their best.

On the day of the shoot, Louis and Eason wore only small shorts, showing off their legs and covering themselves with a sexy magazine featuring the revealing picture of Ho Chiu Yee who is giving her most daring effort before she gets married. Although the two men were near naked, they were not embarrassed in any way because they were just after the effect. As well as using baby oil to emphasise their muscles, they also put on many different enticing poses as they passed the time with much laughter. Five hours later, the poster shoot was complete.

In response to the near-naked shoot and as one of the producers of the film, Louis felt very pleased with it, saying: "This set of posters is the creation of Ha Wing Hong and it is the most daring thing I have done since I started filming. Eason and I only wore some shorts, but although we were both almost naked, there was no embarrassment because we are both professionals." This poster will undergo special effects to mix Louis and Eason into one.

Louis says that although "Ho Ching" has been classified as a Category 3 film, there is also a website for it that is suitable for all and he hopes that interested viewers will go and take a look.

[The Sun]

The 2003 CASH annual dinner and music awards took place in Wanchai yesterday and George Lam was awarded the Achievement Award. He appeared with his mother as his wife Sally Yeh was in Singapore and couldn't share with Ah Lam's happy occasion.

Wearing a black suit, George seemed in good spirits and although he revealed that his hearing has still not totally recovered, he could hear clearly what the reporters were asking during the interviews and his condition did not seem too bad. George said: "My hearing is still not perfect, but my health is OK! I am very happy to receive this award because you can only be awarded it once in a lifetime and seeing who had been awarded it before, such as Uncle Jim (Wong Jim), Fai Gor (Michael Ku) and Tsui Kwok Kong made me guess it should be my turn this year!"

When asked about Eric Tsang's comments that newcomers who both sing and act are not dedicated enough, George disagreed and said: "I think that newcomers should try all different types of work, this is not a bad thing because they can learn more." As well as George's appearance, Liza Wang was there to support him in a low cut strappy dress and other guests included Jade Kwan, Lo Kit Shing and Leung Tze Shan, Cheung Yiu Wing, Paco Wong and Clarence Hui. Candy Lo who was a nominee for 'Best Female Singer' had to cancel at the last minute and although Eason Chan had an award, his record company indicated that he was busy filming and could not attend.
Thursday, October 09, 2003
[Combined from BBC, the-sun]

Chan Poh Chu seen here with Patrick Tse

Nine Hong Kong film stars from the 1960s and 70s have given handprints for a new Hong Kong walk of fame.

Stars including Jimmy Wong Yue, Ti Lung, Chan Poh Chu, Patrick Tse, Wu Fung, Micheal Hui and Tso Tat-wah were the first to model their hands for the, Avenue of Stars which is at Tsim Sha Chui, modelled on Hollywood's walk of fame.

Others stars picked by the Hong Kong Film Awards Association are movie maker Raymond Chow and the director Chor Yun.

The avenue will open next year and will originally feature over 70 handprints.

The first prints were taken Thursday.

While the Hong Kong Tourism Board, which is behind the initiative, has not released other names yet, they are expected to include martial arts star Jackie Chan, Bond actress Michelle Yeoh and director Wong Kar-wai.

The avenue, which has been sponsored by local businesses, is expected to cost some $HK40m (£3.2m), a tourism board spokesman said.

[Fox Searchlight Pictures]

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Fox Searchlight Pictures announced today that it has entered an historic partnership agreement with the multiple award-winning Hong Kong director/writer/producer Wong Kar Wai and Block 2 Films. Fox Searchlight and Wong will develop a minimum of three English language films that Searchlight and Block 2 will co-finance and co-distribute.

The films will be produced by Wong and Block 2. Wong will select the directors and supervise the screenwriters on each project. The deal was architected by Fox Searchlight Executive Vice President Joseph DeMarco with Paul Schwartzman of Anonymous Content. The deal was negotiated by Fox Searchlight Vice President of Legal Affairs Miles Ketley and George Hayum of Armstrong Hirsch. Claudia Lewis, Executive Vice President of Production for Fox Searchlight, will oversee projects on Searchlight's behalf.

Said Fox Searchlight Pictures President Peter Rice, "Wong Kar Wai's ability to create films that transcend cultural boundaries melds well with Searchlight's aim to cross the lines of convention by being inventive in all areas of our business. We enter this partnership with boundless enthusiasm and a commitment to bring groundbreaking, visionary works to the screen."

Said Wong Kar Wai, "Fox Searchlight is an admirable and positive force in the global film industry because they are not afraid to push the envelope. I see this as a great opportunity to develop projects together and bring new currents to our respective audiences. I am looking forward to Fox Searchlight and Block 2 complementing each other's talents and creative energies."

Wong Kar Wai's films have a global appeal that has made him a favorite of film festivals, critics and audiences worldwide. In 1988, he wrote and directed his first feature film, AS TEARS GO BY, an instant classic that established the filmmaker's strong visual style. Its screening at the 1989 Cannes International Film Festival as a Critic's Week selection served to introduce Wong to the world film community as an up-and-coming talent.

In total, Wong has written more than 20 produced screenplays and directed eight of them. For DAYS OF BEING WILD, shot in 1991, he gathered Hong Kong's most popular young stars (including Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu Wai). The film, set in a vividly imagined 1960, won five Hong Kong Film Awards including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actor (Leslie Cheung). In 1992, he convened another all-star cast of Hong Kong actors (who again included Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung) to make ASHES OF TIME, a period martial arts drama that deliberately defied all the codes of the genre. The film's world premiere was at the 1994 Venice Film Festival.

During a break in the post-production of ASHES OF TIME, Wong made CHUNGKING EXPRESS (1994), an up-to-the-minute comedy of longing and romance. Tony Leung starred in the film, which dominated the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1995 winning Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Actor and receiving an additional six nominations. The film enjoyed success in many countries including the U.S. It was followed by FALLEN ANGELS, based on an idea for an unused sketch that was written for CHUNGKING EXPRESS. Narrated through a series of incongruous time sequences that has often since been imitated, FALLEN ANGELS premiered at the 1995 Toronto Film Festival to widespread critical acclaim.

HAPPY TOGETHER, a daring film about two Chinese homosexuals exiled in Argentina during the hand-over of Hong Kong to China, was filmed on location with pick-up shots done in Taipei. The film world-premiered at the 1997 Cannes International Film Festival, where Wong was awarded the Best Director prize. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, which reunited Wong with two of his favorite actors Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung, charmed the world over, winning Cesar and German Film Awards in 2001 for Best Foreign Film and receiving BAFTA and 2002 Cannes Film Festival Golden Palm nominations as well as a Best Actor award for Leung.

Wong is currently in post-production on the much-anticipated 2046 and EROS, a three-segment film by Wong, Steven Soderbergh and Michelangelo Antonioni that will premiere in 2004.

Block 2 was founded by director/producer/scriptwriter Wong Kar Wai to produce high quality English language films for the international market. Predicated upon the budget and marketing, Block 2 may act as the distributor of its own films in addition to other films it acquires. Block 2 productions have won awards from Venice to Cannes Film Festivals. Representing Wong and Block 2 is Paul Schwartzman at Anonymous Content.

Fox Searchlight Pictures is a filmmaker-oriented company that focuses on distinctive films helmed by world-class auteurs and exciting newcomers. It has its own marketing, distribution and publicity operations, and its films are distributed internationally by Twentieth Century Fox. Fox Searchlight Pictures is a unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, a unit of Fox Entertainment Group.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Yesterday, Louis Koo and Candy Lo appeared at a fashion show as guest stars and Louis appeared on the catwal together witha model who covered her breasts with her long hair. Beside the tall beauty, Louis could only smile foolishly as he blushed awkwardly throughout. Afterwards Louis explained that he was only bothered by the model being taller than him, but he did admit that ever since filming with fifty AV beauties for the movie "Ho Ching", then he has developed a phobia about naked beauties. He laughed: "When I was filming that scene, I couldn't say my lines properly and NG'ed a good many times. However they were all very professional and even during a meal break they still kept their clothes off."

Apart from this, once called a 'traitor' by Louis, Timmy Hung also appeared at the show and the two were very cold to each other. Timmy said that they did not speak to each other and he left half an hour before Louis appeared on stage. Although Timmy kept clear of Louis, he was very friendly with his 'love rival' Ng Ka Lung. He said: "When I am filming with him, I still speak to him. We both know it is all made up and he has told me he has never pursued Cathy and doesn't know who wrote this." Louis did not want to say anything about why he did not speak to Timmy, simply saying: "Why did we not chat? I don't understand, why don't you ask him?"
Monday, October 06, 2003
[AppleDaily News]

Leon Lai, as the United Nations Children Youth Ambassador, attended the [McDonald's World Children's Day 2003] activity and witnessed 1920 volunteers who used sign language to express the day's theme---Give children warmth and love. The effort saw the Guinness record being rewritten by these volunteers.

Leon Lai was asked to comment on the remarks made by Edison Chen who allegedly said that Leon Lai was more suited to act in commercials than acting. Leon Lai told reporters that he is used to criticisms but did not believe that Edison Chen had passed such remarks on him. When asked what he would do to help appease his fans who has been faxing to the press to protest about the alleged remarks .

Leon Lai replied, "It is not my business. Leon Lai will not do things that does not help himself or anybody else."

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