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Saturday, December 13, 2003
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The 40th Golden Horse Award in Taiwan just ended. Hong Kong films made a sweep of most of the major awards. Stars like Anthony Wong, Andy Lau, Sandra Ng and Leon Lai were at the ceremony.

Among those are;

Best Film - Infernal Affairs

Best Actress - Sandra Ng, Golden Chicken

Best Actor - Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Infernal Affairs

Best Director - Andrew Lau Wai Keung and Alan Mak Siu Fai, Infernal Affairs

Best Supporting Actor - Anthony Wong Chau Saang, Infernal Affairs

Best Original Screenplay - PTU

Best Visual Effects - Eddy Wong, Twins Effects

Best Art Direction - Hai Chung Man and Wong Bing Yiu, Golden Chicken

Best Make-up and Design - Hai Chung Man and Wong Bing Yiu, Golden Chicken

Best Sound Effects - Tsang King Cheung, Infernal Affairs

Best Action Cheorography - Donnie Yen, Twin Effects

Best Original Movie Themesong - Chet Lam, Turn Left, Turn Right

Friday, December 12, 2003

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Eason Chan's father Chan Kau Tai who was an engineer at the Buildings Department in Hong Kong was found guilty yesterday of ten charges of corruption and the Supreme Court have remanded him in custody until sentencing on January 5th. The jury took 28 hours over three days to find him guilty of ten out of his sixteen charges, involving bribes totalling $3 million. His lawyer indicates that they will wait until sentencing before they consider an appeal.

Despite filming for most of yesterday, Eason still took time out to attend the courtroom to hear the verdict, signalling his support for his father with a hand gesture. However, Eason seemed to be holding back his tears as his eyes were showing signs of redness. During these difficult times for Eason and his family, his bosses at EEG have indicated their total support for him and many of his good friends and colleagues have been to visit Eason at home to offer their company and assistance. Over the past few weeks, Eason has had to face the pressure of the chasing media as well as the looming verdict, but now that the jury's decision is known, he seems to have let go of his worries somewhat as he prepares to come to terms with what has happened.

Eason's good friends including Andy Hui, William So and girlfriend Hilary Tsiu have been by his side, offering words of support and handling the press for him, saying that he has been very strong through everything and he is controlling his emotions well.
Thursday, December 11, 2003
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BEIJING Dec 8 - The latest ``Infernal Affairs'' movie is set in Hong Kong and was filmed there, but makers of the dark crime epic are premiering it in China.

Producers of ``Infernal Affairs 3,'' which stars Andy Lau and Tony Leung, hope targeting China's bigger audience will boost its chances, said Y.C. Chu, deputy general manager of Media Asia Films.

``Everyone is looking at China these days,'' Chu said before a gala premiere Monday evening at the Great Hall of the People - the seat of China's legislature.

The first ``Infernal Affairs'' was Hong Kong's top box office draw of 2002. It is credited with sparking a revival in a struggling Hong Kong film industry.

Facing Hollywood competition and rampant video piracy, Hong Kong studios are increasingly turning to China for lower-cost production and the mainland's vast audience.

Beijing was picked for the ``Infernal Affairs 3'' premiere because ``it's natural to focus on China,'' Chu said. ``It enlarges the market for Hong Kong.''

Lau, Leung and their co-stars - Kelly Chen, Leon Lai, Anthony Wong and Chapman To - were on hand for the premiere.

Lau, Chen and Lai are Hong Kong pop stars. Leung is best known as co-star of the 2000 art-house hit, ``In the Mood for Love.''

Lau said the movie's main strength was its star-studded cast, prompting laughter from Chinese reporters by paying himself a compliment.

The movie-makers ``pick actors who they know are suited to the roles,'' he said.

Also, ``a lot of movies aren't very smartly made, but this movie was made conscientiously,'' said Lai. The movie shows that ``all people are complicated. There are no simple characters.''

``Infernal Affairs 3'' is to be released throughout Asia on Friday following gala debuts in Hong Kong on Tuesday, Singapore on Thursday and Taiwan on Friday.

Its makers say the third installment is the last.

But ``it's not impossible'' there might be more, Lau said. ``The spirit of Infernal Affairs could continue.'' - AP

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Ke Shou Liang "Xiao Hei" 1953 - 2003

[Ta Kung Pao]

The entertainment industry in Hong Kong is mourning the death of 'Asia's Flying Hero' Ke Shou Liang, who died in Shanghai on Monday. Amid the shock and sadness at the waste of a great talent, movie executive Raymond Wong (Pak Ming) has indicated that Ke's last film will still be aired as planned after the Chinese New Year to serve as a tribute and a dedication to 'Xiao Hei'.

Wong returned from Guangzhou to Hong Kong yesterday and remembered that the first film that Ke made in Hong Kong was 'Best of Buddies' starring alongside Sam Hui. He recalls that there was a chase scene that was originally planned to use stuntmen from Europe and Hollywood because it was quite dangerous, riding a motorbike through a window during an explosion. When all the stuntmen said it was impossible, director Eric Tsang suggested inviting Ke to filming and after he heard about the scene, he was sure there was no problem. Raymond says he was worried about his safety and gave Ke a day to think about it, not asking for a refund of the deposit if he couldn't do it. On the day of filming, Raymond was there with all the rescue crews just in case, but Ke completed it smoothly and all the foreign stuntmen applauded him. Ke became famous overnight and became sought after in the industry as well as starting a craze in motorcycle stunts.

Raymond sighs that he never would have thought that Ke's last film would be produced by his company. In the movie "Delivery of Life and Death", Ke has a scene flying over a broken bridge that was filmed in Taipei and it was very dangerous, but he still completed it smoothly, sadly however, this was to be his last stunt performance. When he received the bad news, Raymond had very confused emotions and he will soon be contacting the family to see if there is anything he can help with.

Having sung a duet "Stupid Kid" with Ke, Andy Lau heard the sad news yesterday and felt very shocked, finding it hard to accept. He says that he has known Ke for over ten years and he is very upset at the sudden loss of a good friend. Andy also says that he has filmed movies before with Ke and once joined him as he jumped over the Yellow River. Last year, the two worked together on a charity show in Singapore and he thinks back to many memorable times together. Andy allowed himself to calm down before saying: "Brother Ke has flown too far now, but I believe that one day he will return and hope that his family will not be too upset."

Jackie Chan has also worked with Ke in "Wheels on Meals" and "The Armour of God" and he praises Ke for being an outstanding person, with a healthy personal life. As Ke was primarily a stuntman, many people will feel that people in this industry will be very complex and extravagant, but you should not be misled by his appearance, in fact he loved his family and his wife and never had any gossip. Ke was also very good to all his friends and is an extremely nice person. Jackie feels his death is a great loss and believes that everyone in the industry will feel the same.

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