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Friday, October 24, 2003

[Ming Pao]

Louis Koo appeared at the unveiling of the world's first luxury car installed with a vibrating massage chair yesterday. This luxury car is on sale for HK$2.68 million, is 6.5m long and 1.8m wide. The two back seats are fitted with OSIM iMedic smart massage chairs as well as a TV complete with DVD/CD player, mini bar, fridge and Playstation 2. No wonder that after trying it out, Louis could not stop raving abou it and is interested in buying one for his father as a birthday present. When asked by a reporter if he will then have to hire him a chauffeur to go with it, Louis showed he is a filial son by laughing: "Hiring a chauffeur for my father is worth it."

As well as getting paid for appearing at the event, Louis was also given a musical massage chair. Louis likes massage as well, but he says that every time he goes for a massage, maybe it is too relaxing but he will always fall asleep. He says: "I usually go for a shoulder and neck massage, I had some injuries to my spine and several vertebrae are out of place so they can't be pressed too hard."

After appearing at the event, Louis immediately headed out to Beijing as part of the visiting party of stars. He comments that he hopes the mainland will relax the rules on Hong Kong films being shown in China and for the two places to collaborate in more movies, lifting the upper limitations on using staff from Hong Kong and he hopes that they can simplify the processes for filming in the mainland.

[Sing Tao Daily News]

Joey Yung has ended her run of six concerts and on the final night, Nicholas Tse was invited as a guest star. On the stage the two took turns to praise each others success and Nic mentioned he was envious of Joey being able to have such a successful run of concerts. Joey returned his praise, saying: "You have had your tour of concerts in China too!" but at this time, the response from the audience was: "That no-one went to see!". However, Nic and Joey pretended not to hear as they continued with the show.

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