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Saturday, September 27, 2003

[Ming Pao]

With recent reports from two magazines detailing that Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng were already married and were on the verge of splitting up, Gigi responded: "Well, one magazine says we are happily married and the other says we are splitting up, only they know what is going to happen next!"

With the fortune tellers predicting that she was going to get married and have children last year and now saying she will have children in 2006, Gigi says she'll have to ask the magazines which is true. She says she will not get married in secret because it is a happy occasion that should be shared with everyone.

Gigi thanks everyone for their concern and says that all the news has been made up by the magazines to increase their sales. She will be flying out to the US and Canada soon for a show, so she has already celebrated her boyfriend Ekin's birthday with him in advance of October 4th and given him a present. Why didn't she cook for him? She says if she was to cook, it would spoil the atmosphere of a romantic evening meal.

[Ming Pao]

Karen Mok's image is forever changing and in her most recent music video for "Sudden East Wind" she plays three different characters: "Daughter Red", "Black Wind" and "White Pearl". Each creation was from her own inspiration and she has had a great time bringing them to life.

The image for Daughter Red was inspired by Nie Siu Sin from "A Chinese Ghost Story" and the chipao she wears for the White Pearl belonged to her mother from when she was dating Karen's father. The dress fits her perfectly and Karen laughs that of course she is the same shape as the mother who gave birth to her!

[Oriental Daily]

Jacky Cheung returned to take part in the Golden Anniversary celebrations at his former primary school in North Point yesterday as a guest speaker and as well as reminiscing about his time at the school, he also passed on words of encouragement to his young successors at the school.

Jacky says that the first award he ever received in his life was third place in a General Knowledge quiz at this school and he still remembers it like yesterday. He also says that when he wrote an essay on "My Ambition" he said he wanted to be a sailor: "I really admired my father at the time and he was a dashing sailor."

When Jacky was asked by the school children about the secret to his success, he says that as well as working hard at studies, he urges his schoolmates to believe in their beliefs and know truth from lies and there will be results gained from hard work.
[the-sun news]

Michell Reis was seen at the press conference of Salvatore Ferragamo. She expressed disdain at the alleged rumors that she and Daniel Wu are in a relationship. What irritated her the most was that some reporters sneaked into the hotel to snap photographs of her.

With regards to the reports that Lydia Sum has been unusually critical of her and called her a beauty with no brains, Michelle said that Lydia has told her that this reports were baseless and she had a wonderful time with Lydia.

Earlier reports had Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui and Rosamund Kwan signing on a new artiste manager in Mainland to help them to pave their careers in the Mainland. The reporters asked Michelle whether she had the intention to follow suit. She told reporters that she has her hands full with her engagements in the Mainland. So, she thinks it is unnecessary to have a separate artiste manager now to help her pave her career in the Mainland.
[the-sun news]

Miriam Yeung was spotting in one of the boutiques in ZhongWan. She was seen going in and out of the fitting room repeatedly. Her shopping trip only lasted a mere thirty minutes as she was supposed to be at the recording studio thirty minutes later.

[the-sun news]

Charlie Young has sealed a deal with Jackie Chan. She will be starring in his new production, New Police Story. She also revealed that her paycheck has increased and she is looking forward to the days of filming again. The thing that she reminisces most is the packed lunch served during breaks.

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