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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam was seen at the Giuliana Teso Autumn Fashion Show. Kwan is busy with her charity work and she is always travelling to the Mainland to shoot advertisements endorsing apparels, facial products, flooring and toothpaste. Kwan commented that she make more money endorsing products than filming and she was tight-lipped when pressed for actual figures.

Kwan also told the press that she had no intention to rely on anyone for financial support when she retires. She wants to be financially sound and independent. She would also assume responsibility for her family's needs.

10:44 am

Daniel Chan's home was burgled. Daniel Chan and his family live in a condominum unit at Sha Tim. He heaved a sigh of relief that his family was not at home when the burglary took place. He lost his collection of watches with an estimated worth of $1(HK)million. However, what pains him the most was his mother's loss. The burglar made off with the jewellery which was of great sentimental value to Daniel's mum.
He reasoned that the burglar had took advantage of the roadworks nearby and slipped in, bypassing security. Daniel has made a police report.He revealed that he has the intention of purchasing a bigger home and is currently sourcing for this ideal pad.

10:40 am

GorGor Leslie Cheung Kwok Weng's last album << Yat Chai Tsui Fong>> sold 120 000 copies since its release, making it the best seller in HK! Universal Music has since decided to come out with a second edition to pump up the album sales so as to secure the Number One spot in the IFPI's tally for the late GorGor.
In separate news, the loyalty of this album will be given to TongTong.

10:32 am
Friday, August 15, 2003
[News taken from The Sun]

YoYo Mung Kar Wai was at Vivienne Westwood boutique to officiate its opening. Acting on information that YoYo is going to star in a movie tentatively titled << Whoot Sik Saang Heung>>, reporters asked whether she would feel awkward filling in for Shu Qi (the role was meant for Shu Qi ). YoYo replied that she did not feel awkward and is looking forward to the actual day of filmimg. The co-stars of the movie are Carina Lau Kar Ling and Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi.


梁詠琪Gigi Leung was sighted running in autumn wear at Zhong Waan. She was filming an advertisement for a brand of sports shoe. The weather was so warm that Gigi nearly fainted. Her winter wear is a stark contrast of the folks who were all in light summer clothings.

梁詠琪(GiGi)is so busy nowadays, juggling between recording, filming and advertisement filmings.GiGi has a whole range of products to endorse, from facial products to beverages, cameras, clothings and mobile phones etc.The lastest is this sports shoes advertisement.
Since this advertisement will be aired in the autumn, Gigi has to endure the summer heat and deck herself in Autumn clothes. Though the weather is unbearable, GiGi did not use the aircon in the car to cool herself because she knew that she will bring inconvenience to the filming crew. The advertiser was apologetic but Gigi brush it off as a slight cliche.

Priscilla Chan陳慧嫻 had an interview with a radio station. She revealed that her new album cover had her on posing on a recliner, looking sexy.She was very satisfied about this new image.

Her boyfriend was all praise about her new image and even said that the photographer was so good that he could give anyone a fantastic made over.That comment has made Priscilla fumed. Priscilla's boyfriend is quite adamant that she does not have any smooching or intimate scenes with any male stars if she ever involve herself in a role in a movie.
Thursday, August 14, 2003

Carina Lau and Tony Leung have had their fair share of rumours of them breaking up and getting back together and when Tony moved out of their love nest at May Tower, it seemed to the world that they were no longer together, but then they were seen out together again, but neither tend to discuss their love life any more. However, in a recent interview for a magazine, Carina not only openly discussed the three men in her life, she also mentioned that as long as Tony is happy, she will allow him to date anyone because she will not love a man that is not loved by other women.

Carina Lau recently filmed an advertisement for a luxury watch brand and was interviewed by Madame Figaro magazine. In the interview, she told of many aspects of her life, saying: "Up to now, there have been three men in my life." These men are Hui Chun Hang, Tony Leung and an anonymous business man. Carina says that all three are very good men in both their manner and talent, she thanks them for the time they spent together and expresses that she has no regrets.

Many wonder how she has managed with Tony, where one is lively and one quiet to keep a thirteen year relationship alive. Carina feels that they are together, one makes quick decisions whereas the other will think deeply about it, so they complement each other well. She admits that she has been very fortunate because Tony is an extremely good person - caring, professional and cute. She says: "The most important thing is that he gives me space to do my own thing."

In the days of filming for "Police Cadet II" Tony's character was dating with Maggie Cheung; but in reality at the time he was dating Margie Tsang, After hearing this, Carina says: "Now, we are together." She points out Tony is good-looking, so there will be many girls falling for him. However as long as Tony is happy, if he wants to date someone else, then she will allow it and will not worry about him. Carina says: "I will not fall in love with a man who is not loved by other women. If you have confidence, then whatever is yours in this world will be yours, even if your fate is sealed, you can still be together, this is the way that destiny often is."

Since the 'nude pictures' appeared in Eastweek, many people feel that Carina has been very strong, she says: "When it's time for me to change my shell, the heavens arranged this challenge for me. Moreover, to look at it from another angle, this incident gave me a release." Carina reveals that the very painful times were when the 'bomb' was buried deep in her heart for over ten horrible years. She says that she was very worried at the time, not knowing when it would explode. She says: "The evil demons have appeared and I found that when the bomb explodes, I would be hurt, but I am glad I was not killed by it. Then I realised how it was." Carina received the support from all her friends and was rather overwhelmed by their love and care because all along she never felt that she would win this kind of encouragement.

Some reports suggest that after this incident, Carina immediately pulled back on her sexy image, even wearing a scarf for her slimming commercials. Carina denies this, saying that her body is just a shell and the most important thing is allowing your spirit to be free. Carina says: "I believe that I will continue to do what I need to do. I will not hold back my sensuality."

Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho, Edmond Leung and Ronald Cheng were invited to attend the BUDWEISER new advertising blizz in HongKong on 10/08/2003.

Singers like Andy Lau, Gigi leung, William So, David Tao, Ritchie Ren, Edison Chan, Hins Cheung, Miriam Yeung and Eason Chan were seen gracing the MetroRadio Station Chinese Hits Awards show on 03/08/2003. It was held at the Hung Hum and international star, Ricky Martin was the special guest.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Eason Chan's contract with EEG will be up next year and reports state that the Emperor Group have offered him a guaranteed HK$25million contract if he signs with them again. Yesterday at the start of filming ceremony for new movie "Chung On Chi Ma Gun" (Literal translation: CID Crazy Guns) Eason says he is still in discussions about this and he cannot reveal the figures and he is not even in a position to say how far off his asking price or how close he is to agreeing. He only says that there are a lot of things that need to be looked at and not just the money: as with any contract, discussions have to be made about future plans and a common direction.

$25 million seems like a large amount, but over four years, this is only $6 million a year and in the case of Eason, this seems rather low. When Eason hears this, he puts on a strange expression but does not respond in words. Will he base his decision on the economic climate? Eason says: "The economy is quite bad at the moment, many university graduates are only paid four to five thousand dollars a month, so I shouldn't really look at just the money. I will be thinking about how each other operates and where I am not performing well enough, and I want to finish one thing before taking on another, but all the companies are the same in that they will not let you do this. The pace in Hong Kong is too fast, but having been in the industry for eight years and thinking about where I can improve, there are some tasks that can only be perfected with time. (Have other companies had discussions with you?) Over the years, there have been other companies with offers for me. (Will there be some fresh sparks if you sign for another company?) I haven't signed yet, so there is still a chance to consider, but it is better to stick with what I know and if I am happy, I would rather not change."

After all, EEG isn't an internationally backed company, will this have limitations on his progress in the international markets? Eason believes: "Going international is not necessarily and indication of success, let's sort out Hong Kong before we show the foreigners how good we are, just like Jackie Chan. (With the poor economy worldwide, will you be keeping your offer fairly low?) This will have to be discussed, if someone offered me $50 million over three years, I would be worried, could there be something that good? In any case, money is not the priority as the more money they pay, the more work they will expect."

Having previously expressed that he has never bought any albums of the "Heavenly Kings" apart from Jacky Cheung, when Eason worked with Aaron Kwok for the first time, he says that they got on well. Did they exchange albums to listen to? He laughs: "He did ask me to give him one to listen to, but I hadn't been back to the company to get it. Hey, don't talk about the old things, working with him was quite good fun, before going onstage I asked him to teach me to dance and it was amusing. He is really fit and his shape when dancing is very beautiful." As for reports that the location where they filmed was haunted, Eason laughs that the biggest fear in this film was of sunstroke: "I haven't done anything wrong so I have nothing to fear, not that I don't believe in it, but I am comfortable with myself."

Kelly was in Spain to do the cover for her latest Cantonese album Love due in Summer. Kelly had to don the attire of a matador. She was so ravishing that the native matadors were enchanted by her. The attire was specially tailored for Kelly. It weighed more than 10 pounds! Kelly not only has to wear this heavy attire, she has to keep waving a red cloth that was 20 pounds. She was so tired when the photo shoot was finally over. However, the final product of the day's hard work, chased away any signs of lethargy for Kelly.

The only disappointment for Kelly was that she could not have a photo with a bull in the arena. The reason being, it is customary for the Spaniards to kill the bull every time after a fight. Kelly did not want to take the bull's life, so she had to give up the idea.

Andy hui(Onn Zai) spent his 36th Birthday playing Badminton.

It was Andy Hui's birthday yesterday,12/08/2003. He was spotted in sports attire when he was at the Tsim Tsai Chui Youth Club doing an interview at about 3 pm. When reporters saw Andy, they said, "Happy Birthday!" Onn Zai acknowledged the reporters with a smile. His assistant was seen carrying his badminton racket, so the reporters asked him whether he went for a game of badminton and Onn Zai replied, "Yes". Some time after 4pm, Onn Zai went to another place for an interview and left after 6 pm. He only smiled when the reporters asked whether Sammi Cheng has given him any birthday present. Afterwhich, he left in his nanny's car. William So was also sighted at the same venue, he told reporters that he went to Onn Zai's home for the birthday bash.
Onn Zai and pals like William So and Edmond leung initially wanted to have the birthday bash in a KTV lounge but was not able to shake off the parapazzi. In the end, they had to settle for a bash at Onn Zai's home. Sammi Cheng, his on and off girlfriend was no where in sight yesterday.

Music Montage

--------------------- Summer Time---------------------

Wong Heng's new album will hit the shelves in mid Aug.
The cover of her album will be in pink.

Fong Hoa Mun's second Chinese album Mong Tik Pok Sau will be out in 19/08/2003.
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Edwin Siu new album will hit in the shelves in mid Aug.
will include「你想我點」What do want-play,「小海白」Siu Hoi Pak-themesong and「戀愛自由式」Luen Ai Tze Yaw Sik-themesong(Bo Bo & Edwin duet)

Maggie Fu Pui Kar will release a all new Cantonese album in Mid Aug.The theme of the album will be Nature. The image will be very casual and there won't be alot of synthesized music. Maggie penned about 7 or 8 songs in this new album.
thx for:Coria

Priscilla Chan Wai Han will release an EP in mid Aug.
There will be 5-7 songs in this offering.
It will include a duet with Jade Kwan「拈花野草」Chim Fa Yeh Choe.

Nnadia Chan Song Ling has new contract with Universal Music and will be releasing an album in the Summer too. It will have Chinese and Cantonese songs, the album will include tune(s) penned by Nnadia. The concept of the album will revolve around money.

Leo Ku will release a new Cantonese album in August. Will include「任天堂流淚」Yam Tien Tong Lau Lui.

Chiu Song Yu will release an album during Summer. The album is in its last stage of mixing and mastering.

Karena Lam will release an album in August. Will include 「六樓後座」Lok Lau How Zor Mandarin and Cantonese versions.

Joey will release a Mandarin album.

Rain Lee will release a Cantonese album. Ronald Cheng, Gary Chan, Fong She Leung, Micheal Au, Ng Lok Seng,Mark Lui will be helping Rain in the song department.New songs will include<你唔愛我啦>Nei Ng Ai Wo La <差點說愛你>Cha Dim Shuet Ai Nei(duet with 吳展濠 Ng Jim Hoa)

Chan Sze Hon陳司翰 will release a combo album with Cantonese and Mandarin Songs.

---------------------September ~ October--------------------

Sammi Cheng will release a Mandarin Album. She will take a hiatus in the music scene and concentrate on movie- making.

Gigi Leung will release a Cantonese album in September. She will fly to Australia for the cover design. Half of the songs in the album will be penned by Gigi. It will include a song written for the SARS cause.

Kit Chan's new Mandarin album has a new title『懂得(Understand)』
Album producers are Case Woo、許環良 Xu Huan Liang(pronounce in Mandarin)
It will include the themesong from 慈禧太后音樂劇 Empress Dowager Cixi Musical, music by Dick Lee and lyrics by Stephen Clark
The information above was mentioned in Case Woo's website,
You can hear snippets of Kit's new songs in Case's webbie.
thx for :ayuan740622

bobo's projected album release date is in September.It's a collection of new and old hits, new songs like 羽毛 Yu Mou(Feather) ,戀愛自由式 Luen Ai Tze Yaw Sik themesong will be included....
The theme of the album will be'綱琴'Piano!!!
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Jacky Cheung will release a Mandarin album. The track「如果不愛你」Yu Gor But Ai Neiis a cover version of , Korean song.

William So will release an album of cover versions. This album will be release when his Cantonese album hit the shelves.

Lui Fong will release an album in September.

Ronald Cheng will release a Mandarin album in mid September.
Producers are Micheal Au, Chan Fai Yeon, Jim Lee, Chan Wai, Wong Chi Ping

Faye Wong is wrapping up her new album. It will include 5 songs written by Faye. Expected to be release at the end of September or early October.
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---------------------November ~ December--------------------

Gok Zoe Lum will release an album. It was initially an EP.

Hins Cheung張敬軒 will release an album in December or early Jan 2004.
It will include some folk music.

Hacken Lee will release his Cantonese album in December.Universal Music will be spending about $20(HK) million to launch it.

Candy Lo will release a Mandarin album with 3 new Mandarin songs and 10 old hits.

-------------------- In the pipeline--------------------

Ho Wan Sze何韻詩new album will be helmed by Eric Kwok, Mrk Lui, HanJin, Shue Mun, it will have 1 or 2 dance tracks。

Sammi 完全擁有Yuen Cheun Yong Yaw<新曲+精選>Greatest Hits 2nd Version~
will include id903's 仙樂都Xanadu themesong <仙樂都>Xanadu~
大暴走 Dai Baw Zoa and 落錯車 Lok Chor Chay mv~
Specially included..Sammi and Wyman~>interview.
THX FOR:*~地鼠仔☆

向左走 向右走 電影原聲大碟(Turn Left, Turn Right-- Movie Soundtrack)

愛(首批限量版) – 陳慧琳 (Love-- Kelly)

情意結 - 陳慧嫻 (Cing Yih Kit-- Priscilla Chan)

一起喝釆 - Boy'z (Yat Chai Hok Choy)

All The Best(新曲+精選) - Cookies

Remember You – 葉世榮Wing Yip

The Moment新曲+精選 (豪華版) - 孫燕姿 Stephenie Sun

36算你狠 - 陳小春 (Heartless You-- Jordan Chan)

Super Star- S.H.E
P.S.HK version VCD include:餅乾廣告(cookies mv)
Thx For:Ruri ~*只愛S.H.E的寶寶 *~

RTHK港台 75th Anniversary Salute (4CDs) 預計 8 月發行
2 disc 25 cover versions
2 disc 25 cover versions and originals
Singers-- Edison Chan, Gigi Leung, Jordan Chan, Sammi Cheng, Karen Mok, Edwin Siu, Hacken Lee, Wong Hoi Kern, Joey Yong, Emme Wong, Ho Wan Sze, Wong Kar Keung, Miriam Yeung and William So....

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Alex Fong方力申2003 album

Miriam Yeung and Anthony Wong Yiu Ming will have a Live Concert sponsored by id903 Cash Radio.

Kelly Chen will grace a charity event for UNICEF.

Gigi Leung will attend a event call Teens in Hot Summer Party. She will also be attending the closing of the Solar Project.

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Pls bear with my Cantonese Pinyin :P

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

After spending a whopping $9.5(HK) million on a 2 storey semi-detached house.Jessica Hsuan has a new home. Jessica's neighbours include Hacken lee and his belle, Emily Lo. She bought the unit at a bargain as Hacken spent about $12(HK) million on his unit.

Jessica has made substantial earnings for the past 2 years, grossing over $11(HK) million. Her earnings made her the second top earner in TVB, losing only to Louis Koo.

Andy's new look

Andy Lau(an ardent bowler), Alan Tam and Karen Mok were seen bowling at a friendly competition with the pros in HongKong yesterday. He did not garner any wins but he was still the best player among his fellow celebrities.He hope to be able to have more opportunities to swop pointers with professionals bowler to improve his own game.

Best Selling Canto-Pop Female

Faye Wong of Hong Kong, sold an estimated 9.7 million copies of her 20 albums by March 2000 and is one of the first women to dominate Hong Kong's recording industry. Her album Lovers & Strangers, released in September 1999, has sold over 800,000 copies so far and reached No.1 in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Her first CD, Shirley Wong (her then stage name) was released in 1989 and two more followed over the next 12 months. She has gone on to record over 15 more albums.


Finally, Anthony finished this new album in a short time (2 years)! It's not the most adventurous album he's ever made, but hey, comparing to other pop singers in HK, he is the only one worth listening (sadly)! Anthony pulled together a variety of musical styles in all of the songs, and still maintained a pop sense in every song. I especially like [Mon Chocolat] & [黑房], both are compelling in music and content. 「我的二十世紀」and 「下落不明」feature Anthony's most fetching performance along with the precise lyrics. And with its sharp lyrics and outdated but stylish 80's electronic beat,「羅命舞」is one of the most striking song Anthony's ever done, also my favorite of the album! As we know, Anthony always wants to be a pop singer, and he is in the finest form here. But I really hope he would make some more edgy songs. Anyway, try this CD out! Forget about all the trash music in HK we've endured!
Reviewer: TAT (
Submitted on: Friday, August 01, 2003

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

The Worldwide Chinese New Talent Singing Contest was held for the Hong Kong Region and all three top prizes went to 17-year old Chan Wai Ting, taking the "Best Performance", "Best Individual Talent" and "Golden Mic award". The other award for "Audience Popularity" went to Yeung Chun Yin. A group of EEG's stars including Nic Tse, Twins, Boyz and Joey Yeung all made appearances as guest stars.

Joey mentioned that she will be holding her concert in October and mentioned that her costumes will be quite daring, not only will they have little cloth, they will also be quite revealing. She says that when she tried on the clothes, she was so afraid of them slipping out of place that she daren't leave the changing rooms and the use of tape to keep it together has made her skin peel. Does she feel she has a good figure? She says: "Not really, I am just small algae... I mean small cliff." Because she is too nervous, Joey laughs that she has "Concert Syndrome" often unable to sleep and having to control it with low fat chocolate.

Nicholas Tse sung "Yuk Wu Deep" (Jade Butterfly) with all the contestants and says that he did rehearse it with them earlier. When asked if he felt any pressure, he said: "No, after all it is my song, but their standards are getting better with every year." Earlier after watching the match Real Madrid played against the Hong Kong team, he appeared at Stephen Fung's birthday party, he says that he couldn't sleep that evening, so he watched Jet Li's "Tai Chi Zhang San Feng" and then started doing Tai Chi and mentioning that he likes the Tai Chi symbol a lot. He said: "It is because it is black and white, clearly different, but the white entails the black and the black leads to the white, so from darkness comes light." However, when it was mentioned about his date with Cecilia Cheung to go and see the football match, he immediately picked up his buddhist beads and started chanting. Nic's girlfriend Faye Wong's birthday was the 8th August, but he has been in Hong Kong for the last few days and not spent the time with his Faye in Shanghai for her birthday, however he refused to comment on these questions. When asked further whether Faye would be angry with him spending all this time with Anita Mui, he explained: "I have had work, appearing at the comics expo and preparing for my concert then opening a showroom on Monday."

Twins appeared in some new clothes that showed their waists and Gillian was asked whether this was to show the success of their slimming, she responded co-operatively: "Of course, all down to Sau San Tong!" She says that earlier she had bought a bikini but mocks herself saying that no matter what she would not be sexy. When Charlene announced the top four for the show and mis-pronounced Leung Ching Ching's name as Leung Jing Jing, she was quickly corrected by MC Yau Hoi Man and seemed a little embarrassed.

The winner of the top prize Chan Wai Ting is 17 this year and is currently studying at an international school. He says that although he will sign for EEG, he wants to continue his studies so he hopes he can manage the two fields. Chan Wai Ting used some improvisation skills during his performance when his microphone receptor became loose. He kept his calm and confidently picked it up before continuing his singing and dancing routine.

Artistes like Edmond Leung, Shine, Jade Kwan, 2R, Karena Lam and Alex Fong were at Ao Hoi City on 3rd Aug 2003 to help launch the Solar Project 2003--- Work Safety Summer Show.

Further details of the project can be found at the RTHK airwaves--

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