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Saturday, August 09, 2003

In his capacity as Hong Kong's "Ambassador of Tourism", Jackie Chan appeared at the grand reception with the Real Madrid team who are visiting Hong Kong as part of their Asian Tour and David Beckham asked the Hollywood star for his autograph to give to his two sons. In return, Jackie was given a highly sought after Real Madrid soccer shirt signed by the team. Although Jackie got the shirt quite easily, he says that should the need arise, he will offer it for auction to raise funds for charity.

Appearing at an opening for a new sushi bar yesterday, Jackie admitted meeting the Real team and said: "They are all very nice and presented me with an autographed number 7 shirt, so I gave them a T-shirt as well." With so many fans, David Beckham is normally the one who is being asked for an autograph, but this time when he met with Jackie he was the one asking for the autograph. Jackie explained: "He said he wanted an autograph for his two sons, so as well as giving him that, I also gave him a film ruler and a T-shirt. (Did you ask for Beckham's autograph for your son?) My son doesn't like this team, he grew up in America so he only likes NBA stars!"

The Real players meeting Jackie Chan for the first time seemed rather excited and Jackie said: "When they saw me, they immediately started moving their arms and legs like they were doing Kung Fu. (Which player left the biggest impression with you?) Figo started moving his arms and legs around as soon as he saw me and when I met Ronaldo I spoke to him for a little while. (Can you speak Spanish?) I once filmed in Spain so I used all the Spanish that I know. Seeing Beckham then of course I spoke in English with him. Beforehand, I had instructed my entourage not to ask for autographs and photos, but Kwong Jai (Lo Wai Kwong) really wanted to have a photo with Beckham, but I said no, because it was awkward, however Beckham later offered to have a photo with him anyway." Jackie says that this was the first time he had met Beckham, whereas he had previously met his wife Victoria at a Film Festival in the UK.

Jackie says that because he was looking after some film fan tourists he couldn't go and watch the match in person and doing his part for the government's promotion of tourism was a good thing. As for the signed Real Madrid soccer shirt, Jackie says he will look after it well, but if someone is prepared to offer a high price for it then he will quite willingly auction it off for charity.

As for his head of long hair, Jackie says that after the finishing shots for "Around the World in 80 Days" he will be cutting it.

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