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Friday, June 04, 2004
New Release 03/06

Potshot: It took Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, the winner of the 1997 New Talent contest, seven years before he has the opportunity to release an album.

I think Go East is a bit conservative in their approach. Most of the tracks in the album are slow numbers. It would have turn terribly mundane if not for the fact that Wilfred can sing and able to inject life into these tracks. Wilfred has a nice voice and range, though at times, he does sound a tad like Eason Chan and especially so at the track, Sap Ok Bat Se.

It’s ironical that Go East was banking on the slow numbers to draw fans to Wilfred when most folks would probably like the fast number, See Hing (allow me to get personal; gooze, I think you will like it too and have a good laugh).

Another track that endeared me is Ho Ji Wai Ji .An up tempo track, witty lyrics and uplifting.

Somehow, Gau Yan grows on me though the music arrangement wasn’t exactly outstanding but I like the way the guitar was used at the ending.

Overall, this album is a pleasant listening experience. Commendable effort. Look forward to the next release but hopefully with more fast tracks or rock tunes. I give it a B.

Personal picks; Gau Yan, See Hing, Ho Ji Wai Ji and Tiu Sui.

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