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Thursday, January 08, 2004
[The Sun]

Leo Ku made to take picture with indecent fan
On an invitation by CCTV, Leo Ku made a special trip to Guangzhou as a special guest for the station's New Year's Eve countdown event. There were many other local artistes and special performers.

Before every performance, Leo Ku would inquire and familiarize himself with the security measures. Unfortunately, this time around, the overzealous fans were among the artistes performing that same night. They would wait backstage and rush up to Leo for his autograph and picture. One fan, with only a flimsy piece of cloth wound around his chest, rushed up to Leo and decided that he would have a photograph with the star. The security personnel tried to stop the zealous fan and a commotion soon ensued. Leo finally took the picture with the fan. At the end of it all, Leo found several pen markings on his all-white suit.
[TakungPao news]

After days of complaining to the press, Mrs. Mui has stopped all her barrages. She did not answer many queries that the press has forwarded to her. John Shum also did not reveal anything to the press when he was queried.

Anita Mui's family has published an obituary. It includes her brothers, Kei Ming and Tuck Ming, sister-in-laws, six nephews, her late sister's family, her godsister and husband (Ho Kar Yee and Long Kei Cheong), godsister Law Mei Mei and her husband Jacky Cheung, godbrother Nicholas Tse, godson Wong Ho Ting and wife, her six disciple; Edmond So Chi Wai, Calvin Choy, Remus Choy, Andy Hui, Denise Ho and Pang Ging Ci.
[HKPVR news]

Anita Mui Purchased Large Amount of Insurance; Alan Tam Complains About Marianne Wong

SING TAO - After Anita Mui passed away, her friends, apprentices and mother all separated into two different cliques over their differences while planning the funeral and taking care of Anita's estates. There were rumors that Anita purchased a large sum of insurance, and the insurance broker confirmed that it was true. However, no one knows who Anita left the insurance policies for.

Anita purchased life insurance worth HKD 30 million and the beneficiary was Anita's mother. Coupled with Anita's properties, her estate is worth to be about HKD 60 million. The press asked the insurance broker about Anita's additional, large sums of insurance policies. The broker was unable to disclose the amount and the beneficiary of those policies.

In other news, there are rumors that Anita's manager Marianne Wong only told her entertainment-circle friends about Anita, but shut down all communication to Anita's close friends. Recently friends heard Alan Tam complain about Marianne, who stopped telling him about Anita's situation since early December. Alan, who's since returned to the recording studio could not be reached for comment.

Last night at 7pm, Marianne was seen with Nicholas Tse, Denise Ho, William So and the funeral crew carrying the paper products they will burn to Anita. Marianne was weeping.

Anita's Mother: Marianne Wong is a Rat
MING PAO - The photo to be used at Anita Mui's funeral is taken from her 1994 cover album in which she dons a tuxedo and smokes a cigarette. However, the cigarette has been digitally removed from the photo, similar to what designers did to Leslie Cheung's funeral photo, taken from the film He's a Woman, She's a Man. It's a coincidence that friends of both stars chose photos in which Leslie and Anita were both holding cigarettes.

There are only 5 days until Anita's funeral, and friends are working hard to prepare a glorious departure for Anita, while enduring Anita's mother's outrages at the same time. Recent rumors indicate Mrs. Mui yelled at fashion designer and Anita's confidante Eddie Lau Pui-Gei. There are also rumors that Mrs. Mui arrived at the funeral home last night criticizing Anita's manager Marianne Wong, saying "She's a rat!"

Mrs. Mui never revealed the names of people she had differences with, and only said she cannot wait to tell all about her 20 plus years of suppressed anger with Anita's friends.

Earlier this week, Mrs. Mui asked her attorney to write a letter banning the selling of all of Anita's clothing for charity auctions, and only Eddie has most of Anita's performance costumes. But Eddie doesn't believe Mrs. Mui is talking about him. He responds, "I have never thought about auctioning off Anita's costumes. All of them are for keepsake, so the ban does not impact me at all." When asked about a magazine report that Mrs. Mui yelled at him, Eddie says, "Mrs. Mui clearly knew I returned to Hong Kong on the 24th, so I never stopped her from seeing her daughter. So the things she says is evidently not about me. Even though I know who she is talking about,! I feel everyone she use a heart of sympathy to face Mrs. Mui. An elder woman who has lost her daughter is certainly very devastated, so I'll let her release." Because Eddie doesn't believe it's the truth, he won't call Mrs. Mui to ask for her understanding. His relationship with her is OK, but is unable to say it's great.

The funeral spokesperson says they expect 6,000 people to show up at Anita's public wake on the 11th. Fans are allowed to enter the funeral hall. The spokseperson also said the funeral will be more moving than Bruce Lee's funeral.

[HKPVR news]

SING PAO - The mother of Anita Mui recently told the press she will reveal the 20-plus years of hardship her daughter endured after the funeral. Yesterday was the seventh day of Anita's passing, but Mrs. Mui could not hold it in any longer. She issued a statement hinting at fashion designer and Anita's confidante Eddie Lau Pui-Gei. Last night Mrs. Mui announced she will ban all selling of Anita's previously used costumes at charity auctions.

Yesterday Mrs. Mui and her friends were having dim-sum in Causeway Bay when she was pressed about funeral preparations. In an outburst, Mrs. Mui says, "Them? They tell me things after the meeting...I have one mouth, and they have many mouths, so they can do whatever they want!"

Mrs. Mui became more emotional and agitated by the minute. She says, "My toleration has exploded!...This year I will tell all, I have been repressed for twenty something years. I want to talk about Anita's good friends and bad friends! Before Anita held me back, but now no one is holding me back. She didn't let me go to her sister's funeral, and I know she did it for my own good so I won't be so sad. But this time there's no one holding me back. Unless I died too!" When the paparazzi pressed who Mrs. Mui was referring to, she said, "They know who they are!"

Mrs. Mui also said, "Anita really liked to wear a high hat and she would give in to anything after being sweet-talked." When the press asked when she knew Anita was in critical condition, Mrs. Mui says, "Only a week before her death...I made her soup, I made her rice but I could only leave it with Anita's people because they said she always had to rest, that they don't know when she'll wake up and they don't know when she can eat, but in the end someone ate the food...They're incredibly hateful! You will know who it is in the future!"

Mrs. Mui never made direct references to Eddie, whom has known Anita's family for more than 20 years.

Mrs. Mui consulted a law firm and released an official statement to the press. The statement details the banning of selling Anita's costumes for charity auction, and requires the person to stop all charity events. Mrs. Mui hopes to collect all of Anita's belongings and then arrange them to be displayed at a museum or charity event. If there was anyone who violated these rules, the law firm will act on behalf of Mrs. Mui and take legal action against offenders. The press asked Mrs. Mui why she made a statement, to which she answered, "I want all the belongings being used for charity auctions to be accounted for." When asked if she will attend the funeral committee meeting at Jackie Chan's office, Mrs. Mui replies, "No!"

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

[The Sun]

Eason Chan's father Chan Kau Tai has been sentenced to seven years in prison for corruption and yesterday, Eason was spotted at around 4pm with his assistant leaving his home and heading to a commercial building in Tsimshatsui. Reports indicate that Eason was meeting with director Cheng Po Fan to discuss his next film. Wearing a look that suggested he was not in the best of health, Eason seemed rather impatient with the chasing press and refused to answer any questions. After getting out of the car, he rushed towards the lift and after the discussions, he headed to Causeway Bay where he again rushed away after getting out of the car. When he was spotted by the security guards at the mall, they immediately stepped forward to intervene and keep the press away. Eason then broke his silence saying to the guards: "They will listen to you!".

Also, the press noticed that Josie Ho's car was parked nearby and the two drivers were talking to each other, so it would suggest that the two had arranged to meet. Eason's manager Kitty said later on the phone: "His emotions are very normal, thank you all for your concern. Eason is very professional, so he will continue to do his work." Also, Edmond Leung said that he had contacted Eason earlier and he said: "I called him yesterday after I got home to offer my concerns, but he is okay as he was mentally prepared like the lawyers. I told him to call me if he needed anything."

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