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Monday, November 10, 2003
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Bu Ke Si Yi, Unbelievable[Mandarin]
LeeHom Wang

One of the best I've heard all year
Holy crap, this album is awesome!! It's seriously the best Chinese CD I've ever listened to! I only like Korean and Japanese music and never thought Chinese was very good. But Leehom's "Unbelievable" has enough true talent shown to make me listen over and over! His voice is literally perfect. There are ballads, r&b, hip-hop, jazz...a great mix of everything. I swear, everytime I hear "Not Your Average Thug," I think I'm listening to American music and forget that this is in Mandarin! His English is that good!! I'm really, really hoping more good Chinese music will come out like this; I'll definitely be listening then!! Eagerly looking forward to Leehom's next CD....!~ *^^*
Reviewer: Anonymous
Submitted on: Sunday, November 02, 2003

the new leehom?
I had previously thought that Leehom could do no wrong. But turns out I was wrong. Overall, it's still a decent album, if only because his vocal abilities are so great. What Leehom did well in the past, he still does well in this album with songs like "Can You Feel My World" and "Love is Everywhere" (track 12), but he also introduces more hip hop elements in varying degrees of success. For songs like "What Was I Thinking" or even the McDonald theme song "I'm Loving It," Leehom's rapping style is fine, but "Girlfriend" and "Ya Birthday" are disasters. "Girlfriend" is interesting, but comes off too grating, and is probably the one song on this album that's just not listenable. "Ya Birthday" is ridiculous. In consideration of Leehom's musical talent and originality, covering 50 Cents is just laughable. "Not Your Average Thug" would have been a decent song if not for the fact that it sounds suspiciously like something Justin Timberlake would sing, and that it has cringe-worthy lyrics. "Not your average thug"? "I got love for the ghetto"? Would that be the ghettoes of Taiwan or of upstate New York? I can understand that Leehom's trying to move away from his overly clean cut image, but let's not stretch the believability index too much here. No one's asking for street cred. We just want good music.
Reviewer: Snow
Submitted on: Friday, October 24, 2003


I Love U x 4[Mandarin]
Vivian Hsu

Her voice has changed a lot! I think it's more annoying. Her singing is very childish. I found the songs very boring and non-interesting.
Reviewer: Anonymous
Submitted on: Monday, October 20, 2003

Wai Xing Ren's view
The CD's a good mix of different styles, although the general tenure is a _very very_ happy sound. From what I can understand from the Mandarin, the lyrics are a bit childish, but I found them great fun. Even the tracks that are supposed to a bit melancholic are quite fun to listen to. Aside from the childish lyrics (nothing wrong with that), the album is a good mixture of music styles and the 44 minutes just pass like venturing through candy land. It was worth the money.
Reviewer: Anonymous
Submitted on: Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Two of Us (AVEP) [Canto]

Highly Recommended
i use to think that 2R is just another teenage pop group that gains support through their pretty faces... but this album truly proved me wrong. through this album, Race & Rosanne has shown to me that they can do it with their voices and their talent... and their good looks are just bonus aside. i would really like to recommend this album to you, because this album makes you fall in love with 2R.
Reviewer: Anonymous
Submitted on: Friday, October 24, 2003


True (CD+VCD) [compilation+new tracks;Canto]
Alex Fong

Great album
Wow, this album is really great -- past my expectation! Alex shows tremendous improvement in his singing skills. The title song "Good heart Good Reward" is excellent and the ballad songs, which are the majority, are great to listen to. The fast tempo songs are cute... I really like track #4 song with Rain, Cookies, Alex and Patrick. Fun songs... the other two fast tempo songs are so-so... I feel that fast tempo songs are not being pay attention to these days. Mark can do a better job. Highly recommended! Carfield
Reviewer: Carfield
Submitted on: Friday, October 31, 2003


ng ye 11:30 dik sing gwong[Canto+Mandarin]
Karena Lam

very good album
althought i not a great fan of mandarin music, this album is pretty good and easy listening.
Reviewer: samboy
Submitted on: Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Secret Garden[new Mandarin tracks +compilation]
Jade Kwan

JADE KWAN's "Secret Garden"
Jade's first Mandarin EP is great! This new album includes 5 new tracks and a compilation of her past Mandarin and English songs. The first track, "Secret Garden," is a fresh style from Jade. The lyrics are nice, and it has fine guitar work mingling with the subtle sounds of the drums; Jade's voice complements the song very well without overpowering it. Track 2, "Untouchable Person," is the Mandarin version of the theme of a Radio Play. This version is a much softer ballad that brings about a relaxing feeling. Track 3 is "Can't Live Without Love." This fast track is a typical pop track, but the various instruments make the song very unique in which Jade handled this new style very well although it may have sounded better as a Cantonese song. The fourth track, "Intuition," the Mandarin version of "Combination" from Jade-1. This fast track has a great Latin feel, which is a specialty of Jade's. The Mandarin version actually works better than the Cantonese version, but both sound great. Track 5 is the Mandarin version of her second hit "Can't Take It." Again, both versions are nice tracks that give Jade the opportunity to show her range and beautiful voice. Her past recommended tracks, "Challenge," Who's It," and "Messy Lover," are all different song stylings that show Jade's musical personality. Overall, this a a very nice album that is highly recommended to music fans. Great work from Jade Kwan!
Reviewer: Anonymous
Submitted on: Sunday, November 02, 2003


A Beautiful Misunderstanding [Mandarin]
Sammi Cheng

A Beautiful Misunderstanding
Although I don't understand Chinese but since many of my friends are from Hong Kong and Taiwan, I have the chance to listen the albums of different Hong Kong and Taiwan's female singers such as Sammi, Joey, Kelly, Amei, and Faye. But among all of them, I really like Sammi the most as she can always use her voice skillfully so that I can catch the feeling and mood of the songs without knowing the actual lyrics. I have listened to the theme song "A Beautiful Misunderstanding" and I really like the soft and sad feeling of this song very much. Also, Sammi is so pretty in the MV. Really wish to listen to the whole album as soon as possible.
Reviewer: Fanny
Submitted on: Thursday, November 06, 2003

it that a cantonese version for : beautiful mistake
ya , i really happy and excited when sammi released her long-awaited mandarin album !! i have heard all of her songs included in her album , i particulary adore her leading song ' beautiful mistake' , yet i really curious that it that a cantonese version of it ???/ i really don't know cause in australia , her album haven't released yet !! what a pity! also , i quite disappointed that two songs , which initially a cantonese version but it found it a mandarin album . Her songs : "good time , bed time " which included in her lastet cantonese album , have been ' translated' into mandarin , and i find it not really worth for someone to pay for the same songs but different lyrics !!!! ., and WARNER should not released different version of the album , i found it really iritating to discover that someone actually have a better packacge than what i buy !!
Reviewer: sammi forever fan
Submitted on: Thursday, November 06, 2003


Jiang Ai [Mandarin + Canto]
Faye Wong

no reviews are available at posting time


Sun Glow (EP + VCD) [Canto]
Daai San Wai

no reviews at time of posting


Kit Chan

Understanding KIT
Once Again Singapore Musical Diva had move on to create yet another non-mainstream album. When asked about the reception of her album Kit said "If I am concern about the album sales than I wont be producing this album. I had finally found myself through the music I like. I just wish to let music lover experience a different feel in music" Personally to me this album is a lot better than DREAMSCAPE, as it trys to combine dance floor music with chill-out and i must say its quite a good effort. UNDERSTAND once again is a collaboration with Case Woo as its music Director. Kit take on a bigger role in this album, she is now the producer, stylist as well as the internal folder photographer. My favourite track has to be track 2 -Understand, track 5 - oneweek and track 9. Track 2 - Understand is written by Kit Chan for her Boyfriend. She wrote the score as well as penn the lyrics. This song is really listener friendly and just like wine needs time to appreciate. Its give a soothing feel after listening. Track 5 - ONEWEEK is brilliant as he reflects the love between a couple love inrelation to the cupid's love arrow. Its has a dance floor feel and the lyrics to me is really meaningful. Track 5, loosely translated will be "Will I be happy if I leave you" the lyrics really strike a chord as it reflects the meaning of love and seperation. Overall this album is much more successful than DREAMSCAPE as it manage to climb up to the top ten chart in Singapore Yes933 Music Chart, MTVCHINESE Chart at no.15, and Taiwan UFO Radio at no.6. I really hope this album can really do well in the sales market not just the MV and the Radio chart because this is an album that is created out of the Box. Good music must be appreciated inorder for the industry to bloom further. I will give Kit Chan a 10/10 for her courage.
Reviewer: Demain Lee
Submitted on: Sunday, November 09, 2003


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Sunday, November 09, 2003
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Folks like Alex Fong, Jackie Cheung, Hacken Lee, GiGi Leung, Candy Lo and Shine were present at the news conference of RTHK.

The year is coming to an end, all the major radio stations are revved up to organising their Musical Awards presentation gigs. As for RTHK, the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be donated to charities.

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These stars are present at the Cash Radio Station's press conference for the upcoming Musical Awards held annually in HongKong.

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